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Royal Victoria Hospital


Radnor Park Avenue  Folkestone


01303 850202



William Harvey Hospital


Kennington Road, Willesborough, Ashford TN24 0LZ


Casualty 01233 633331


NHS Emergency and Dental Service



Kent and Canterbury Hospital


01227 781818


Weekdays 7-10.30pm


Sat/Sun/Bank Holidays 9.30.11am



Buckland Hospital 


Coombe Valley Road, 



CT17 0HD



Phone: 01304 201624 
Fax: 01304 208189



Surgeries & Health Centres



The Hawkinge & Elham Valley Practice


Drs. Allan Beaton , Robert Stewart & Penny Sholl



Hawkinge Health Centre


Drs. Allan Beaton , Robert Stewart & Penny Sholl


74 Canterbury Road, Hawkinge  



Surgery times


Mon 8.30-10am, 5.30-6.30pm (appointments)


Tues 8.30-9.30am, 2-6pm (appointments)


Weds 8.30-9.30am, 4-4.30pm (appointments), 4.30-6pm


Thurs 8.30-9.30am


Fri 8.30-10am, 4.30-6pm (appointments),


Enquiries & Emergencies: 01303 892434



The Surgery, Elham


Drs. Allan Beaton , Robert Stewart & Penny Sholl


Old Road Elham



Surgery times


Mon 8.30-10am


Tues 5.30-6.30pm (appointments), 6.30-7pm


Weds 8.30-9.30am


Thurs 4-4.30pm (appointments), 4.30-5pm


Fri 8.30-9.30am, 4-4.30pm (appointments), 4.30-5pm


Sat 9-9.45am (emergencies only) 


Enquiries & Emergencies: 01303 840213



Hawkinge Surgery


Dr Zaw Thike and Dr Julie Marshall


99 Canterbury Road Hawkinge CT18 7B8


Tel : 01303 893381 



Surgery times


Monday ...........Appointments.....4.00-6.00pm


Wednesday ..........Appointments..... 4.00-6.00pm


Thursday 8.30-10.00am............. Appointments........ 10.30-11.00am


Friday 8.00-10.00am



Lyminge Surgery


Dr Zaw Thike and Dr Julie Marshall


Church Road Lyminge


Tel : 01303 862109



Surgery times


Monday 8.00-10.00am


Tuesday 8.00-10.30am.....appointments .....4.00-6.00pm


Wednesday 8.00-10.00am  


Thursday 8.00-10.00


Friday 3.00-5.00pm ........appointments......4.00-6.00pm


Saturday 8.00-10.00



The Barham Surgery


Fox Way Barham



Surgery times


Mon 3.30-4.30pm (appointments), 4.30-5pm


Tues 8.30-9.30am


Thurs 8.30-9.30am


Fri 11.30-12 noon 


Enquiries & Emergencies: 01227 831585   


01303 862109


Fax 01303 863643