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Articles: 999 for serious crime

Contributed by localrags on Oct 10, 2003 - 12:04 PM

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Dear Ed

As an attendee at the Parish Council meet o­n Wed last and listening to the report of the community warden
I was concerned to hear him request that residents contact the police to report crime.

<FONT color=black>How about this then.

I recently witnessed a crime in being in Hawkinge so 'phoned the police station at Folkestone. No reply and the crime continued in my view.

So, tried the H.Q. number who said 'phone the Folkestone number.

Crime continued.

I next tried 999. They have to answer that. Explained it was criminal damage and theft without risk to anybody. Two police officers arrived later and next appeared o­n my doorstop in full view of the perpetrators so that they now know where to come for revenge.

They said the materials being used were owned by those in the act and that they, the two policemen, had risked life and limb to get there and not to 'phone the police by three nines unless it was a serious crime.

I had observed the materials being stolen piece by piece with a neighbour for some time which was of no interest to the officers attending.

The manner of rebuke was not exactly polite but that is acceptable as they had just risked life and limb. I wonder what the productivity level of the Kent police is. Pretty minimal I would guess.

Yours etc.

Peter Hogben.

P.S My interest in the local neighbourhood watch scheme disappeared in o­ne moment of surprise at this approach to a report of crime in being.