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Articles: Walking bus

Contributed by localrags on Oct 18, 2003 - 01:07 PM


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WALKING BUSES COULD CUT CAR CONGESTION<IMG alt="Walking buses" hspace=20 src="" align=right vspace=20 border=1>

Writing in this week's Churchill School Newsletter Headteacher Jennie Carter has suggested parents start walking bus schemes.
The accident outside the school has propted much discussion and a this is just o­ne of the ways the problem could be alleviated.

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Speaking out the crash she said: "Thankfully, none of our pupils were involved in the accident outside the school last Wednesday.

"Drivers were blinded by the low winter sun and o­ne drove into the back of two cars parked in front of the nursery.

"The police said nothing will be done by Shepway District Council until Haven Drive is "adopted" so a letter has been sent to the police asking for police cones to be placed along Haven Drive outside the school to prevent drivers stopping there in the meantime.

"Staff have volunteered to start work at 8.35am so it is hard to know what more we can do to alleviate the congestion caused by parked cars. Would parents like to start walking buses for their road? We can arrange KCC training."