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Articles: Make your escape plans

Contributed by admin on Jun 11, 2004 - 05:56 PM


<FONT color=black size=4>MAKE YOUR ESCAPE PLANS

<FONT color=black>Fire can strike anywhere at anytime, so be prepared warns Kent Fire and Rescue Service.

<FONT color=black>In line with a national campaign starting o­n June 15, KFRS is reminding the people in Kent that, in the event of fire, the priority is to get out, stay out and call the firefighters out. Speed is vital so formulating an escape plan will enable you to leave your home quickly and calmly.

<FONT color=black>Steve Demetriou, Head of Community Fire Safety said: "Everyone pushes the thought of fire to the back of their minds but, if it happens, it really does pay to be prepared. Fire escape plans must be prepared in advance and discussed with everyone in the household. They should include exit routes from the home and a room to remain in should all exits be blocked. Importantly, make sure everyone knows the plan, and practise it with children."

<FONT color=black>When formulating your escape plans, consider the following tips:

<FONT color=black>* The best escape route is the normal way in and out of the home

<FONT color=black>* Always decide upon a different route, in case the normal o­ne is blocked

<FONT color=black>* Keep all escape routes clear

<FONT color=black>* If there is a fire, shout to raise the alarm, get everyone together, follow your plan and get out

<FONT color=black>* If you can’t escape, it’s safer to stay in the home. Try and choose a room with a window and a phone

<FONT color=black>* Close the door, sealing the bottom with towels or bedding, open a window and call the fire service

<FONT color=black>* If you are o­n the ground or first floor, escape may be possible through a window. Never jump, lower yourself to arms length and drop to the ground

<FONT color=black>* Keep doors closed at night -this will help to delay the spread of fire and smoke

<FONT color=black>* o­nce outside, don’t go back in to the home for any reason -call the Fire Service from the nearest telephone

<FONT color=black>* Always ensure home is fitted with smoke alarms (ideally o­ne o­n each floor), check the batteries every week and replace them every year

<FONT color=black>If you have any concerns about fire safety issues in your home, or require any further advice please call your local fire safety office or Kent Fire and Rescue Service’s Community Fire Safety Team o­n 01622 698360.