Urgent action needed against Hawkinge vandals

Contributed by admin on Mar 13, 2005 - 04:05 PM



Dear Mr Howard,

Following yet ANOTHER incident last night (12 March) in Hawkinge involving violent mindless youths I feel that URGENT attention is needed to deal with the problem.

Our car and two of our neighbours vehicles were vandalised as a gang of around 12 youths came by in a pack, destroying anything to hand and shouting obscenities.

The police were fantastic and arrived promptly, but are almost powerless to prevent this now regular occurrence. The local TESCO EXPRESS has become an almost NO GO area in the evenings and our children are frightened to leave the house alone. The police tell us that there were no less than SIX similar incidents in the village last night alone!

I say 'village' but Hawkinge is now a mini-town, with more plans in the pipeline to expand, and the ever increasing housing estates desperately need a police presence to stop an escalation of this nightmare.

I have seen smaller communities with their own police station, and it should definitely be considered along with a curfew of some sort? After 10pm at night these mindless thugs wreck property, disturb the peace and totally terrorise the neighbourhood!

My 13 year old and 9 year old twins can not even stand by their front door or driveway without being verbally abused!

It really has reached a point where you will have vigilante groups dealing with these youths themselves in a desperate attempt to protect their properties and maintain the right to walk freely in the village without fear of abuse and violence.

We pay £1500 a year in Council Tax for our house just to have our bins collected once a week, and for the poor under resourced and powerless police to waste valuable time on these vile thugs that give teenagers a bad name. 

Hawkinge youth vandalism is fast becoming a problem that politicians and the police will soon have no control over if ignored much longer. I work at a Secondary School in Folkestone where daily I witness the abuse of teachers and the destruction of the rights of the majority to learn because of the actions of these pathetic wasters.

The biggest kept secret in this country is the state of discipline within schools which spills over in to our communities. The true picture of life within british education is a sad and shameful o­ne, with schools powerless to control these kids with paltry sanctions and often little support from parents of perpetrators.

You need to give power back to the police, the courts and the reasonable law abiding adults. The Children's Act was designed to protect vulnerable children but has succeeded in breeding a culture of youths who know that they can get away with anything-

What about an Act of parliament to protect us and our property?

Mrs Michelle Hill