MIxed views on local airport expansion

Contributed by editor on Mar 22, 2005 - 10:41 AM


At a packed Public Meeting in Greatstone on Wednesday (16th March), Liberal Democrat spokesman Peter Carroll set out why he opposed the major expansion of Lydd Airport.

Over 200 people attended the meeting, with many local people expressing their opposition to the plans, but their were also a sizable number of people who  had links with the airport and they set out why they thought the expansion was a good idea.

In his speech to the packed hall Peter Carroll said: "The expansion will lead to flights every 15 minutes. By necessity, the jet aircraft will be flying at very low level when they pass over the Marsh. Even the airport agree that at least 80% of people using the airport will travel to it by car. This will lead to congestion on a massive scale on the Marsh roads.

"The noise and pollution from the aircraft will destroy the Marsh. The only positive aspect will be the jobs that an expanded airport will bring. However, if the cost of these jobs is the destruction of the Marsh environment it is too a high a cost."

Peter Carroll has written to over 8,000 households on the Marsh asking people what they think. He is pledged to oppose the expansion.