Churchill School run could cost parents £60

Contributed by editor on Nov 12, 2007 - 07:54 PM

The first day of the new parking restrictions at The Churchill School saw a mixed reception this morning, but a spokesman said that there was support from about 80% of parents.

Signs have been erected around the school and for anyone who ignores the rules there is a £60 fine.

Traffic congestion has always been a bugbear at the beginning and end of the school day and the Governors have been forced to bring in the measures to protect children from road hazards, and allow pedestrians access without blocked crossing points.

In a letter addressed to parents, David McKivett, Chair of Governors said: "This is our last option before considering a full ban on vehicle access to the school site and we hope that you will assist us in providing a safe environment for our children."

They are concerned that the parking was obstructing deliveries to and from school and could prevent access for the emergency services.

The Governors are particularly keen to stop parents, parking in the staff car park and ensuring that disabled spaces are not used by non disabled vehicles.

They also want to stop parking on the yellow and zigzag crossing lines within the school and in the pick up and drop off points.

Mr. McKivett said: "The school has a walking bus, a walk on Wednesday scheme and, unlike most other schools, has negotiated free parking for as long as you like just across the road at Lidl’s where there are plenty of spaces.

"We have tried a variety of ways to enforce safe parking, but it is clear that this has not worked. The school does not have facilities to offer public parking, and there are real concerns, highlighted in a recent health and safety audit, that unless action is taken someone will be injured. In these circumstances we have no choice but to take action.

"As more than 90% of our families live within 800m of the school, the Governors have instructed the business manager to enforce the parking restrictions.

"On Monday 12th of November, enforcement signs will be clearly displayed around the school. The consequences of unauthorised parking will be very clear. If there is a breach then a warning will be left on the offending car windscreen. The registration will be recorded. Any subsequent violation will result in a parking charge being made. This will be enforced by the UK Parking Enforcement Agency.

"Members of staff may from time to time issue friendly reminders if they believe that you are about to park without authority. Please remember that they are trying to save you incurring a parking charge. All charges once issued will be enforced."