Folkestone Flyer breaks world record

Contributed by editor on Nov 16, 2007 - 12:36 AM

A west country-based auctioneer has set a new world record for the sale of a model train set.

On Tuesday (28 October) auctioneers sold a boxed Southern Railways green liveried "Folkestone Flyer" electric passenger train set for £6,600.

The model was part of a collection of Hornby 'O' gauge model trains, Meccano, Dinky toys and railway and marine jig-saw puzzles that in total fetched £68,418 at Chilcotts' auctioneers Tiverton branch.

The collection belonged to Dr Clifford Patrick, a retired veterinary surgeon and medical doctor who died in 2003.

"This was a remarkable sale, reflecting the remarkable quality and diversity of the collection formed by the late Dr Patrick," said auctioneer Duncan Chilcott.

"The collection was one of the best I have had the privilege of selling. Dr Patrick had built his magnificent train set on specially constructed waist-high tables encircling a room in the attic of his home in Surrey, arranged so that he could control them on a huge oval of tracks from a central well. This really was a case of cash in the attic!