Call for Callahan to 'move over'

Contributed by editor on Nov 03, 2007 - 09:26 PM

Dear Editor,

Having just read the item written by Mr Tearle I am reminded that some time back on your just organ, the Parish Council was described as ‘A Palace of Varieties’ by a contributor.

That in my book made David Callahan, as chairman, the Master of Ceremonies. The stage of such Palace has seen some pretty unpleasant happenings over recent times with resignations and rancour prevailing over logic and progress.

You recently quoted Mr. Callahan as saying “We should ask what we are doing wrong.” “We should digest this (Resignation) before we take any measures.” “It is time for reflection.”

I thought the result of ‘reflection’ was obvious. Its probably your fault David; move over.

One must assume he has ‘reflected’ and decided to retire from the Chairmanship.

As a one time serving PC Member who left in protest at the chairmanship of Mr Callahan; now followed by two more for other reasons, his ‘reflection’ surely cannot miss the logic that he has not got what it takes to have control over meetings procedure and policy as required to move the Council forward.

His first priority as Chairman should always have been to prevent personality differences but he actively furthers division which is what leads to the rancour.

Looking back over the years he has been in the Chair I cannot see one thing of any value to residents he has actually achieved. He has certainly stopped good elementary measures of benefit to residents as suggested to him.

I understand there are four (out of nine members) outstanding investigations with The Standards Board of England following the reports of actions of Hawking Parish Council alleged miscreants.

Its been said that Hawkinge PC Members are reported more than any other Council in Shepway. There has to be a root reason.

If there is to be an election the tax payers of Hawkinge will have to pay for it and it is expensive to hold. Residents should hope somebody stands for election with a modicum of ‘business sense’ and experience and a personality strong enough to combine the efforts of the rest.

Give progress a chance Mr Callahan. Recognise you haven’t got what it takes and move over before the next lurch towards the ridicule in which the Council is seen.

Peter Hogben