No delay by Shepway Tories

Contributed by editor on Nov 05, 2007 - 12:14 AM

Dear Editor,

Re: Shepway Tories 'delay' fight for fire services claim 

Lynne Beaumont is quite wrong to say that ‘Shepway Tories delay fight for fire services’ and the Hawkinge Gazette would do well to put quotation remarks round such an assertion.

The Liberal Democrats put forward a motion at full council where it was debated and amended. There was a recorded vote at the end and the record will show that Lynne Beaumont voted for the amended motion along with most of the other councillors.

Lynne Beaumont claims that ‘the Conservatives mess around with party politics’ on the contrary – it is Lynne Beaumont and her group who ceaselessly politicise what could easily be cross party issues. It is barely six months since the voters in Shepway voted out the Liberal Democrats who had clung to their councillor posts even when they had given up trying to run the council. If the Liberal Democrats want to work with the whole council they should stop screaming politics – in fact they should stop screaming. The amount of barracking and personal abuse by the Liberal Democrats at the last week’s Shepway Council Meeting was quite disgraceful.

The motion past on Wednesday is the start of Shepway’s response to the consultation by the Fire Service. A motion by itself would be a poor response and we now need, and will have, a full review of the proposals and a well argued response.

Susan Carey