The past comes alive in Folkestone

Contributed by editor on Nov 08, 2007 - 10:28 PM

Remembrance Day will be commemorated at Folkestone Library with an interactive history experience which will encourage local residents to discover artefacts from the past.

Two new 'multi-media mobile history displays' - mobile interactive displays showing Folkestone during the first and second world war, containing books, historical artefacts and information packs will form the centre piece of a display in Folkestone Library. People will be able to see and handle objects and find out about the work of the local bomb disposal squad.

The history carts will be just some of the resources available in the new History Resource Centre. The Centre will provide people with a unique visitor experience allowing them to get up close and personal with historical objects. In the present museum only a small proportion of the collection, approximately 200 items are on display. The new resource centre will make more than 1,000 items accessible to visitors. Many artefacts previously held behind the scenes in stores, will be on display for the first time.

Parts of the natural history collection that are not from the local area will be transferred to other Kent museums for specialist restoration work and display. Natural history items that are relevant to the town, such as a large number of fish fossils will be retained in the History Resource Centre and displayed for the first time.

KCC Cabinet Member for Community Services Mike Hill said: "The new History Resource Centre will encourage people of all ages to explore the extensive collections at their own pace and take part in a unique learning experience. Family groups and school children in particular will be able to engage with the items on display and be inspired by their local history and the stories from the past that shaped their town."

Visitors to the Centre will also be able to try their hand at composing poetry, test their knowledge about the early history of our planet and find out more about the important role that Folkestone played in world history. The multi-media carts will also be available for use by community groups outside the library and Resource Centre.

Local people can get involved in the development of the History Resource Centre by contacting Jan Rudolph at Folkestone Library on 01303 242907or email