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Animals: Pigeons take council to the wire

Contributed by editor on Jun 01, 2007 - 08:27 PM


The pigeons who damaged the roof of Maison Deiu House in Dover and ate the pansies in the memorial garden will no longer be harassed by the Town Council who at one time considered a cull of the birds after they had caused £8,000 worth of damage to the roof of the council offices.

But hundreds of people opposed the cull which forced the council to try using a £180 bird-scaring device producing a high-pitched sound which was supposed to be inaudible to the human ear.

However many passers-by complained of hearing a loud whining noise.

Vibrating green wire was strung around the flowerbeds to protect the pansies and notices were put up around the memorial garden asking people not to feed the pigeons.

But at last Wednesday's Annual Town Council meeting it was agreed to leave the birds alone after it was claimed the council were satisfied with the action it had taken and most people had stopped feeding them.

Cllr Lyn Young said: "People seem to have nearly, if not fully stopped, feeding the birds. We consider it to be a success."