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Groups | Hawkinge Acrise and Paddlesworth WI

Groups: World traveller late for local speaking engagement

Contributed by editor on Jun 15, 2007 - 12:00 PM

Hawkinge Acrise and Paddlesworth WI

Hawkinge Acrise and Paddlesworth WI meeting June 2007

An extremely pleasant afternoon was begun by the President
conveying birthday greetings to Mesdames Moore and Wethered. June Moore was
especially pleased that another June birthday was being celebrated as she had
been the lone guest at the birthday table for many years.

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 Not too much business to get through but as luck would
have it the speaker had not arrived by the start of the meeting and as 2.30pm
approached the president was casting nervous glances towards the front door. At
last Mrs Ward burst into the hall with rather loud and not very complimentary
comments about the M20 and lack of movement on it. Unfortunately she also
suspected that her exhaust had blown as it had started making rather strange
noises whilst she was sitting in the traffic jam!

However, she was a consummate professional and did not let
this rather bad start to her afternoon affect the brilliant delivery of her
talk. A first class raconteur who delighted us with tales of her travels around
the world – (could you manage a three day round trip just to see the Taj Mahal?!)
- alas some were rather overshadowed by disaster which did make us glad we were
not accompanying her on those trips.

During social time the ladies were encouraged to try a new competition about
“The Queen” – I thought the questions almost impossible to answer but several
did and there was a tie for the winner between Gillian Philcox and the speaker
Yvonne Ward; another quick fire question and Gillian won outright.

The monthly competition for two fruit scones was also won by Gillian (certainly
her afternoon!) – it was gratifying to see so many entries this month – well
done ladies. There was time during the afternoon to book for the outings planned
this year; in July a trip on the Paddle Steamer Kingswear Bay and in October a
visit to Westminster Abbey. The East Kent Federation is also putting on a
“Federation Day” in Dover Town Hall in September and several of us hope to
attend. Of course this venue is very tight on visitor numbers and we hope we
will not be disappointed in our bid for tickets.

So, apart from the monthly meetings there is a monthly craft
club and a monthly walking group and lots, lots more to enjoy – why not come
along and see if you would like to join us. Our next meeting is on Tuesday 3rd
July when we have the yearly Garden Party. If you are interested in coming along
to that please contact Carole Seabrook our President on 891420 and she will make
the necessary arrangements for you.

Linda Barnes

Committee Member


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