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Local authority: Footpath issue has been blown up out of all proportion

Contributed by editor on Jun 02, 2007 - 09:55 PM

Have your say!

Dear Editor,

Re: Closed footpath between Swann Way and Killing Wood

As a resident living in the area concerned, I have kept a low profile and confined myself to dealing with the Council in trying to resolve the issue. I have refrained from responding to some of the misinformation being spread until now.

However, may I point out that:

1. The area concerned has never been a footpath - it was designated as a Buffer Strip in the Planning Consents, and should have been densely landscaped, as a protection for the residents whose houses back onto the strip.

2. The access gates were installed as an optional extra by the builders of the houses, the owners being charged for the privilege.

3. As a resident, I can categorically state that the vast majority of people have always used the land outside the perimeter fence along most of its length to walk - only coming inside it where it had been deliberately broken down. Their ability to continue walking this land has been unaffected by the Council's recent action.

This whole issue has been blown up out of all proportion by a few people - I do not know why.

Now that the matter has been referred to Cabinet, could I make a plea for some public silence on the matter, until the Council has made its deliberations?

Name and address supplied