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Human interest: Peter's back in Folkestone for another swim and it's raining

Contributed by editor on Jun 30, 2007 - 09:36 AM


Peter Jurzynski is back swimming off the beaches of Folkestone, so it must be summer!

Now 56, Peter first visited Folkestone in 1985 and has come back every year since.

Peter has made 17 channel attempts; 13 successful although on a few occasions he had to return to US without being able to make the crossing.

"I love Folkestone and Hawkinge and swimming is just a small part of my attraction to this area," said Peter.

"I have seen many changes in 22 years yet I still love the area. I must admit though, that at the age of 56 training is more difficult.

"I need more rest days between vigorous swimming sessions."

Peter is a former long time resident of Boston, Massachusetts; but now lives in Naugatuck, Connecticut. He has been involved in politics, local government and teaching yet above all he has spent a fair part of each year in Folkestone, which he considers his adopted hometown.