Residents tell Council where to spend its money

Contributed by editor on Jan 01, 2009 - 12:05 AM

More than 600 people took part in a budget survey and told Shepway
Council where it should spend its money.

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The survey involved on-line and paper questionnaires and a ‘spendometer'
at the Civic Centre in Folkestone during National Customer Services Week
in October where customers could indicate their budget priorities by
dropping gold, silver and bronze pin-pong balls into the relevant tube.

The choices for spending were: clean streets, improving opportunities
for sport and leisure, well-maintained parks and open spaces, affordable
housing, opportunities for young people, and keeping Shepway safe.

Affordable housing emerged the highest priority, with keeping Shepway
safe in second and opportunities for young people in third place.

Other questions in the survey covered value for money from council tax
and what services the council should spend more, or less, money on to
help it ‘balance the books.'

Cllr David Monk, Cabinet Member for Finance, said a detailed analysis of
the results would be included in the Medium Term Financial Strategy that
will be considered by Cabinet in January.