Plans to fly car over English Channel are scuppered

Contributed by editor on Jan 15, 2009 - 10:00 AM

Plans to fly a car across the English Channel as part of its land and air journey to Africa
have been scuppered because relevant paperwork had not been submitted to

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The makers of the flying car were planning to cross
the English Channel in their innovative Parajet Skycar but failed to get a
licence from Britain's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to allow them to
fly here.

The Skycar team left London by road on Wednesday morning (13 January) and are planning to
part-drive, part-fly the 6,000 kilometres (3,750 miles) to the Malian
desert city of Timbuktu in 42 days.

The craft is flown as a powered parachute under which is a small
two-seat, dune-buggy-style off-road car with a powered fan on the back.

After landing, the pilot can simply pack up the chute and drive away
minutes later. It has a lightweight design, advanced aerodynamics and a
Yamaha motorcycle engine.

The company claim it is easy to fly, impossible to stall, and features
an emergency ballistic parachute system.

The aircraft can launch in less than 700 feet, fly at 70 mph, and has a
range of about 200 miles.