Dog plunges over cliff in thick fog

Contributed by editor on Jan 18, 2009 - 01:00 AM

A dog who fell from cliffs in Folkestone in thick
fog has survived unscathed from his ordeal.

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Shadow, an inquisitive husky was walking with his
owner just off Wear Bay Road, Folkestone, on Wednesday 14th when
disaster struck shortly after 9.30am.

Luckily, the four-year-old dog landed unhurt on a ledge 20 feet from the
top of the cliff, but the climb to safety was too steep for him and his
owner called Kent Fire and Rescue Service.

Two crews from Folkestone were sent to the incident as well as the
specialist line rescue team from Deal, who used their equipment to reach
the stricken animal.

Deal Station Commander John Yore, who was in charge of the hour-long
rescue, said: “It was a misty morning and the dog had strayed too close
to the edge.

“Fortunately for him he landed on a ledge about 20ft down. The rescue
was made awkward as it was a sheer cliff face, but the team found a safe
access way and then kept the dog safe and secure.

“Shadow wasn’t overly fussed about it, but eventually we did get him in
a harness and rescued him safely. He was reunited with his grateful
owner at the top of the cliff.”

Mick Dennis, Watch Manager at Folkestone, added: “Amazingly the dog
wasn’t even injured.”