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Articles: Parrot kicked out of football match for mimicking refs whistle

Contributed by editor on Jan 24, 2009 - 05:00 AM


Referee Gary Bailey was forced to eject a large green parrot from among the spectators after the bird, who had been brought along by its lady owner, began imitating the ref's whistle during the second half of a game between Hatfield Town and Hertford Heath.

Bailey says he had never encountered a situation quite like it.

He quickly grew tired of the unofficial whistle sounding, leaving both players and spectators unsure what was going on. Hatfield went on to triumph 5-2 in extra time.

"The players all stopped so I had to ask her to move the parrot. It was bizarre. The crowd were all laughing. Looking back I should have made far more of it and got out my red card to show to the parrot," said Bailey.