Local youngsters set out on the road to film fame - (Photos)

Contributed by editor on Jan 26, 2009 - 12:00 AM

Ben Steele, 15, and Saskia Wadsworth-Smith, 16,   have
just completed their starring roles in the short film 'Playground',
which was shot around Faversham and Canterbury earlier in the month.

Ben Steele

Saskia Wadsworth-Smith

The film, made by students from Christchurch University, tells the
story of a street gang on the run from the police, and will form
part of the University's Film Festival and will be
shown at other festivals during the year.

Ben from Dover and a 2003 Junior Mr Cheriton and 2004 DCAL Carnival
Prince and Saskia, a DCAL Princess in 2007, and Miss European
Ireland 2008  are members of Canterbury's Marlowe Youth Theatre
and were auditioned for the movie short, when the the young film
makers came to visit the group during their Tuesday workshops in

Ben won the part of the leader of the gang, while Saskia is a member
of his band of hoodies, running from the law after a stabbing.

This is not Ben's first foray into the world of movie acting; during
July last year, Ben joined his mother, Karol, on the set of the film
short 'Washed Up'.

The movie, shot on Botany Bay beach, won a prize at last October's
Berlin Film Festival, and will be shown at next month's Dover Film
Festival. More filming for 'Playground is scheduled to take place on
27 January, and it is hoped that the film is completed on time, that
it will also be shown at the Dover Film Festival this year.