Warning over timber washed ashore from cargo ship Sinegorsk

Contributed by editor on Jan 30, 2009 - 02:00 AM


Neighbourhood Watch has issued the following warning:-

Trading Standards have asked that we make everyone aware
of the following advice.

Anyone planning to use the timber washed ashore on Thanet's beaches last week
(Thursday 22 January) is being warned that it is not suitable for building work.

The timber has already started to show up at building sites
in the area, despite the public being advised not to take the wood away from the

People are being reminded that anyone who has recovered
timber must report this to the Receiver of Wreck at the Maritime and Coastguard
Agency within 28 days or they will be committing a criminal offence. Failure to
report items to the Receiver of Wreck can result in a fine of up to
£2,500.Report Forms can be downloaded from


Thanet District Council's Building Control team is now warning that the timber
is not suitable for use in building work, such as extensions or loft and
property conversations, as it has been floating in the sea for several days,
since being lost from the cargo ship Sinegorsk.

The wood is also untreated and ungraded and, to satisfy
Building Regulations, structural timber must stamped with a Grade Mark to show
that the timber has been graded and is suitable for use in building construction

Grade marks show the strength and class of the timber, along with its condition,
which indicates where it can be used for internal structural work on properties.
If there is no grade mark, then the timber must not be used for structural
purposes and, under no circumstances, should it be used for internal structural


Sally Coleman, Parish & NHW Liaison Officer 07870 999892 

PCSO Sarah Wallace  07772 226229

Village Warden Tanya Clark 07811 271303