Minutes of a meeting of Hawkinge Parish Council - 4 August 2011 - (Supermarket plans)

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Minutes of a meeting of Hawkinge Parish Council
Held at: Hawkinge Community Centre
Date: 4 August 2011

Present: Councillor D Callahan (Chairman), Councillors, B Fletcher, J Heasman, N Hilditch, G Hodgson, T Hutt, R Lawford, D Monk and G Ward

Apologies for Absence: District Councillor D Godfrey

Officer Present: Mrs Tina Wiles (Clerk) Peter Setterfield (Assistant Clerk)


Councillor Councillor R Lawford declared a personal interest in minute 984, Hawkinge Community Football and Sports Trust as he is the Chairman of Hawkinge Youth Football Club. He did not take part in the discussion or voting on this item. Councillor G Hodgson declared a prejudicial interest in minute 984, Hawkinge Community Football and Sports Trust and was absent for the discussion and voting.


Erection of a 640 sqm supermarket, together with associated 75 space car park (to be shared with Community Centre) and access and landscaping.
The Chairman presented the application.

Proposed by Councillor T Hutt

Seconded by Councillor B Fletcher and

RESOLVED: To adjourn the meeting to allow members of the public to give their views.

The members of the public then gave their views.

The meeting then re-convened.

The Council considered the application in detail and raised strong objections.
Proposed by Councillor T Hutt

Seconded by B Fetcher and

RESOLVED: To raise strong objections to the application on grounds of safety and inadequate car parking and which are detailed in full on appendix 1 to these minutes.

(Voting: For 8; Against 0; Abstentions 1)


REPORT HPC/11/08 sets out proposals for the use of Section 106 funding from Hawkinge Developments for spending on Highway and Transportation improvements.
Proposed by Councillor D D Monk

Seconded by Councillor J Heasman and


1. To receive and note report HPC/11/08

To release the sum of £35,000 currently held by Kent County Council to progress the schemes set out in paragraph 2 of Report HPC/11/08.
To receive a further report on proposals utilising the £73,000.

(Voting: For 9;Against 0; Abstentions 0)


The Council was asked to nominate a replacement Trustee for the Vice Chairman who wished to stand down as Trustee.

Proposed by Councillor D Monk

Seconded by Councillor G Ward

To nominate Councillor B Fletcher to the vacancy.

Proposed by Councillor D Callahan

Seconded by Councillor T Hutt

To nominate Councillor J Heasman

(Voting: 3 votes for Councillor Fletcher; 2 votes for Councillor Heasman) and it was
RESOLVED: That Councillor B Fletcher be appointed as Trustee on the Hawkinge Community Football and Sports Trust.




For the attention of Ben Geering.

The Parish Council Strongly Object to the above planning application on the grounds of inadequate parking contrary to policy and inadequate safety.

The visibility splays in place are inadequate for large goods vehicles as they need greater visibility. No lorries will be able to negotiate the mini roundabouts in Heron Forstal Avenue posing a great danger to cars at the entrance to the site.

Parking Spaces do not comply with Shepway District Council Cabinet decision of Report C/06/136 in that the development would put the Community Centre in breach of its planning conditions.

Planning policy guideline 13, Transportation, gives a figure of 1 parking space per 14m² for a retail store which equates to 48 spaces. Disabled spaces are in addition. The plan shows 75 spaces including 15 owned by Hawkinge Community Centre, who are not under any obligation to share, which leaves 60 of which 2 are designated motorcycles and 5 disabled therefore a car park of 53 spaces. Given that the Community Centre operates during the same hours as the store this potentially leaves 5 spaces for the Community Centre a clear breach of its planning consent. It should also be noted that the Hawkinge Baptist Church is located on the first floor of the Community Centre and allowance needs to be made for their usage of the car park. Using the aforementioned guidelines a car park of at least 120 spaces would be required if the development were to be permitted.

There is a serious potential danger to the public as delivery vehicles will be driving through the Customer parking area with people standing behind vehicles loading their shopping.

Whilst the unloading area has been increased to allow delivery vehicles to carry out a seven point turn, this is assumes that delivery vehicles will be rigid, articulated vehicles would have difficulty. Delivery vehicles carrying out a seven point turn would create a noise nuisance via the constant high engine revs required and the constant bleeping of reversing horns (compulsory) creating a nuisance to neighbouring domestic properties and businesses.

There is no provision for multiple deliveries. No delivery vehicle will have knowledge of any other vehicle occupying the delivery bay, resulting in the second vehicle finding the delivery area in use and having to reverse back past parked cars, pedestrians and cyclists, to the Community Centre area and driving forward out of the site to park elsewhere. This is assuming that
There is somewhere to park
That no other large van or delivery vehicle has entered the site.
There is no parking area shown for delivery vehicles waiting to unload. The potential danger to the public is immense.

The proposed acoustic barrier is only 3m high delivery vehicles with refrigeration units are also approximately this height. Whilst willow has been proposed as the barrier has research been carried out to ensure that this is the right species for the site? Who is going to be responsible for the future maintenance of this barrier and how will the householder’s side of the barrier be accessed?

What provision is being made for out of hours deliveries? Are delivery vehicles going to be allowed access or are they going to find a convenient place to park in nearby roads and wait till the following morning.

There appears to be no provision for access to the Hawkinge Community Centre car park during the building phase nor for the provision of car parking for the use of users of that facility which includes the Baptist Church and the Post Office and Parish Council Offices.

No statistical evidence has been provided with regard to the usage of the proposed store compared with the Community Centre which regularly hosts events with up to 300 people in attendance. No mention has been made of the Hawkinge Baptist Church when calculating use of the Community Centre, it cannot be assumed that they only use the premises on a Sunday. Overlapping of peak times will result in parking problems where users of all the facilities will be unable to access a parking space therefore parking in Heron Forstal Avenue resulting in delivery lorries becoming stuck in narrow residential streets as a result traffic will back up onto Spitfire Way resulting in the A260 becoming blocked in both directions.

The proposed pedestrian/cycle crossing from the store to the Community Centre crosses in front of the unloading bay of the Community Centre which is not shown on the plan. The area is shown as paved the unloading bay is in frequent use throughout the day. The siting of this crossing is totally unacceptable as it puts the Public, especially young children, at risk of serious injury.

Despite amendments to the plans Policy QL1 Safe and Secure environment and Policy QL2 Safety and ambience of the public realm still have not been met.

The lack of sufficient parking for the Community Centre will have an adverse effect on its financial viability, and the Parish Council having spent almost £2million on the building sense that the public firmly believe that no building should take place that puts the Community Centre in jeopardy.

At the Hawkinge Parish Council meeting to consider the application over 80 people attended and voiced their opposition to this application. The Parish Council has received no communication in favour. At the Annual Parish Meeting residents passed a unanimous resolution that they were totally against the building of any store or supermarket on the land behind the Community Centre.
This area of land is designated in the Local Plan as being for Social or Community facility use not as a retail unit.

Shepway District Council, as applicant, applied for and was granted outline planning permission under application Y01/1079/SH for a Community Centre and convenience store with associated parking. The Officer’s report quotes the Highways Manager “I have no objection in principle to this application based upon the limited information on possible uses for the centre. The servicing arrangements look difficult for manoeuvring within the space available and must be shown to avoid any vehicles reversing onto the highway” Reasons 5 and 6 highlighted on the grant again relate to parking and delivery vehicles. The access for the application was to be from Canterbury Road through the area occupied by the Village Hall owned by Hawkinge Parish Council.

This was not followed through when the Community Centre was built. The only vehicular access for this current application being via Heron Forstal Avenue which was not designed for this type of usage.

If approved this application could create serious parking problems on the surrounding roads and put immense pressure on the Village Hall car park, which is not a Public Car Park, but provided to allow parking for events at the Village Hall and should parking overspill from the Store/Community Centre site causing parking problems for the Village Hall the Parish Council would have to consider limiting the Village Hall Car Park for Village Hall users only.

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