Selling your car on the streets of Folkestone could cost you £2,500

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Car dealers who use public roads as forecourts could face a fine of up to £2,500.



... enforcement crackdown to deal with the dealers .....

Shepway District Council will be targeting suspected dealers to highlight the law and the action that will be taken if the cars are not removed.

It is illegal to place vehicles for sale on a road when:

• Two or more vehicles are placed for sale within 500 metres of each other

• Vehicles cause an obstruction

• A vehicle is unroadworthy and not safe to use.


Fixed penalty notice

The council can issue a £100 fixed penalty notice or take the matter to court where offenders face a fine of up to £2,500.

Cllr Stuart Peall, Cabinet Member for the Environment, said the council regularly received complaints about cars being sold on the road and he understood people’s frustrations and concerns.

“Residents cannot park near their homes and often these vehicles cause a distraction and at worst, an obstruction.



“We are concerned that some of the cars being sold from the roadside may not be safe to drive. Some dealers may also give the impression that these are privately-owned cars – which could not only mislead the potential buyer but also means they are unlikely to pay tax on the sale.”

He said the council was about to start an enforcement crackdown to help ‘deal with the dealers.’


Private sellers

“There are specific areas we want to target where we know the dealers are putting their cars.

Although individuals who want to sell their car from outside their home are not breaking the law, we cannot always tell if a car is being sold privately or by an illegal dealer and some private sellers may unfortunately get caught up in the campaign.”

He encouraged potential car buyers to buy from legitimate registered dealers, from trade organisations or from individuals via online or newspaper advertising.



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