Folkestone American Cousin gets down to the important stuff - like 'tea-cakes'

Contributed by editor on Jun 22, 2016 - 01:50 PM

Dear Editor,

Well I'm back in Kent for the Summer and pleased to say that I completed a 30 minute channel dip today after my 2016 initial 14 minute dip on Sunday.


... impossible to tell whether it is June or December .....

I reckon I'll be swimming an hour a session within a week!


But firstly, let me get down to a very serious matter and I'm hoping my UK friends can help me.


"Can one eat 'Tea Cakes' without tea?"


I purchased a four pack on Monday but I felt guilty eating them without tea!


In all candour I am now age 65 and I am hoping to put aside a bit. I have a constant need to swim in the channel and enjoy the area a bit more.


I'm becoming extremely interested in following the Referendum on the EU this Thursday and although I have been here for many years, Summers and Christmases alike,  I have never been here on an election day.


My interest though is in the mechanics and logistics of the election process. As an ex-politician the process interests me a lot. The mechanics of an election is an 'art' in itself.


As usual the weather here is predictably unpredictable - a bit like politics I guess.


The American election is viewed differently here than it is in the US and the EU referendum, which is of great interest to me, is hardly on the radar of the average American.


But let me get back to talking about Folkestone.


It is still nice to know that each morning while in the UK I can drink coffee at a local coffee shop, always sit in the same seat looking out that same window and watch people pass by wearing overcoats and raincoats.


It makes it impossible to tell whether it is June or December.


One factor though remains the same. This place has some of the nicest folks on the globe - now can someone give me that answer on tea cakes?


Peter Jurzynski
(Former American Channel swimming record holder and regular summer and winter visitor to Folkestone)



21 June 2016


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