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By Dana Wiffen

Lancelot 'Capability' Brown was born in 1716, this year across England there are celebrations and exhibitions to celebrate the work of this great architect.



... Chilham Castle and Leeds Abbey .....


Capability Brown changed the face of 18th century England designing country estates and mansions with his unique style of straight lines and wonderful lakes that complemented the main building of the estate.

He often added smaller buildings in various different forms around the area to enhance his work.

Stowe House  Photo: Dana Wiffen

One of his greatest design is at Stowe in Buckinghamshire, Stowe House and estate now run by the National Trust offers visitors a treat and view of some of his greatest work. This was is first and only employed role as head gardener and is where he learnt his trade, was married in 1744, and where he built his contacts before moving onto to design in gardens across England.

Photo: Dana Wiffen

The main house is now the home to Stowe School and is only accessible on certain special dates, this though does not spoil the visit as the grounds, landscape gardens and surrounding parkland and their amazing views offer ample for visitors who will need at least 4 hours to explore and cover most of this wonderful place.

There are 250 Capability landscape sites across the country, of these the following 10 urban-sites that are near cities or towns offer additional information about him in this 300th year since his birth.


Photo: Dana Wiffen


Those near to Kent are: Ashburton Place-East Sussex, Hatfield Forest-Essex, while as the nearest of the 11 listed hub-sites is Petworth Park-West Sussex which also offers additional festival information on this great man.

There are two 'Capability' sites in Kent which are privately owned. They are Chilham Castle and Leeds Abbey and are offering open days in this celebration year they.

Stowe House view from a monumental crossing is enhanced by its pillars Photo: Dana Wiffen

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