Alkham vicar leaps into the undergrowth on Dover Hill to avoid being run down by 'Team GB'

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By Rev. Brian Williams

“I don’t want my vicar on a racing bike with Lycra and a black cycle helmet!” said the voice on the radio.


My ears pricked up. “I want my vicar on a sit-up-and-beg bike, with a long coat, horn-rimmed glasses and a cheery ‘Good Morning!’”

I try to fit the bill.

I returned to two wheels a couple of years ago, more as an occasional cyclist than a serious twenty-mile-a-day man. I manage with just a fluorescent green jacket and a blue cycle helmet rather than Lycra.

I’ve lost the reflective cycle clips – they were useless anyway.

I’ll attempt the cheery ‘Good Morning,’ as long as it doesn’t involve falling off or hitting anything. True, in recent years cycling has been transformed from a gentle pursuit involving countryside, lemonade and sandwiches into something much more competitive.

As a pedestrian, I’m uncomfortable with this - I dislike having to leap into the undergrowth on Dover Hill in order to avoid being run down by Team GB as they race down the footpath I’m using.

Nor did I appreciate my close encounter with the Pink Tornado in the white helmet who was going for gold near Sainsbury’s the other day.

We vicars aren’t allowed to do things like that. The expected smile and cheery ‘Good Morning’ should be essential kit for every cyclist anyway.

Missing your parishioners by a whisker as you tear past lacks pastoral sensitivity, and forcing them off the footpath and into the undergrowth is definitely bad form.

I work on Sunday mornings, but if your Sundays usually feature racing bikes and Lycra, remember – the churches are open. Drop in and give them a try - they should offer smiles, cheery ‘Good Mornings,’ coffee if you’re lucky, and prayers for a safe ride home.

From the Vicarage
Published in The Alkham Newsletter

Rev Brian Williams is the Vicar of St Radigunds - Capel, St. Anthonys church - Alkham and St Laurence Hougham


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