Successful start to crackdown on street drinking and anti-social behaviour in Dover

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A crackdown on street drinking and associated anti-social behaviour in Dover is having early success with three arrests, two of whom have been charged.

One person was charged with public order offences, and a second with a breach of a criminal behaviour order.

In addition, enforcement action by Kent Police has seen Community Protection Warnings issued to five people, with two of these following to the next step of being served a formal Community Protection Notice. One person also received a Fixed Penalty Notice for breaching the Public Spaces Protection Order.

As part of a wide ranging programme of work by Kent Police and Dover District Council’s Community Safety Unit, as part of the Community Safety Partnership, officers have also visited licensed shops in the town centre reminding retailers of their responsibility not to sell alcohol to people who are already intoxicated.

Operation Urban was launched on 4 May 2018 in response to an increase in street drinking, centred on Pencester Gardens in Dover. Kent Police officers from the Community Policing Team and Police Community Support Officers have been carrying out patrols of the area joined by representatives from the council.

Dover District Council is also providing a wide range of community-based support to the Operation, including help and assistance for those seeking help for alcohol addiction, and housing needs.

Cllr MJ Holloway, DDC’s Cabinet Member for Community Services said: “We are determined to address the issue of anti-social behaviour caused by street drinking because we know it concerns local people, and detracts from the great work going on to support the town centre.

“These early results are encouraging. We will continue to work with Kent Police to help people where they need it, and where necessary, to take enforcement action against anti-social behaviour.”

Chief Inspector Mark Weller of Kent Police, said: “We want everyone to be able to enjoy Pencester Gardens and the surrounding areas and will do everything we can to ensure it remains a safe place to visit.

“Kent Police officers are committed to tackling anti-social behaviour and will continue to work with our local partnership to help reduce problems that arise.”

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