About the Hawkinge Gazette (Localrags)

Contributed by webmaster on Nov 04, 2002 - 10:57 AM

Established in its present form in 2002, the Hawkinge Gazette (Localrags) is an independent online newspaper/blog, which aims to provide the people of Folkestone, Hawkinge, Dover and East Kent accurate news about local events and issues.

It is not affiliated to any political group, registered charity or any other official organisation and does not receive sponsorship of any kind.

The primary purpose of the site is to keep local people informed of news, events and issues in and around Hawkinge and the Channel Coast area of south east Kent.

The Hawkinge Gazette (Localrags) gives readers a platform in which to have their say.

It is an on-line only newspaper/blog devoted primarily to Hawkinge, Folkestone and Dover, but also includes the English Channel Coast from Dungeness to Deal and the inland areas of East Kent.

If you have a story, please let us know. The editor welcomes contributions from representatives of all local organisations, schools, clubs and societies, as well as individuals, so long as they are relevant to the area and within the boundaries of good taste.

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