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Environment: Urgent action needed to save east Folkestone area of tranquility

Contributed by editor on Jun 19, 2017 - 03:50 PM

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By Sue A Sheppard MA

East Folkestone, particularly near the Dover Road, is a gritty sometimes rundown concrete jungle.


There is little in the way of green space and beautiful environmental that a place like Hythe has. However, there has always been one or two areas where building couldn't take place for some reason.

One of these areas of tranquillity is where a lovely tree has grown and spawned an oasis of birdsong and wildlife. The space in Harbour Way is home to a beautiful green Holm Oak which gives shade in the heat of the day and is lovely, even in winter.

The tree has been there for most of our lives.

It has become home to many birds and is a natural habitat for animals and insects.

I know it is huge and can be slightly worrying to neighbours but there is nothing that a really good trim/cut back couldn't remedy.

This tree has been here longer than most of us.

What is the reason for the removal of our beautiful evergreen - why the Holm Oak and not the Sycamores behind the tree and property?

Why can't the Sycamores go and why have they not been cut down.

Please help save this tree which is under a preservation order anyway by going to Shepway Council website and placing your objection.

You will need to register on website and search for Y17/0690/SH | Felling of a Holm Oak subject of Tree Preservation Order No 21 of 2006 | 94 Harbour Way Folkestone Kent CT20 1NB

Sue A Sheppard MA is Secretary of the Dover Road Residents Association

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