Taking apprenticeships to another level in Dover

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As part of a wide range of initiatives to promote skills and training opportunities, Dover District Council is to launch its first higher level apprenticeships to mark National Apprenticeship Week.

Dover District Council has offered a range of apprenticeships, graduate placements and work experience since 2012, providing an insight into the world of work in local government. The decision to recruit higher level apprentices was taken by DDC’s Cabinet as part of a review of the Council’s Apprenticeship Policy.

The review took account of new Government reforms to apprenticeships which now span 15 funding bands from band 2 (GCSE level), to band 15 (degree level).

Undertaking an apprenticeship can provide a debt free, direct route into the job market, with far less of the transitional struggle from education to work that some university students face.

Dover District Council currently has seven apprentices working across a range of Council services. Under the new plan the Council is to offer its first Higher Level apprenticeships in professional services, such as Legal.

Cllr Mike Conolly, Cabinet Member for Corporate Resources & Performance, said: “Apprenticeships provide an excellent opportunity for young people to learn, and for employers to benefit from the range of talents young people bring with them. This new policy is an important continuation of this work, and will help us to provide a high level of apprenticeships.”

Joe Couchman (19) a current apprentice at DDC, said: “I’m very pleased I went down the apprenticeship route, and I’ve really been learning a lot at Dover District Council. I would 100% recommend becoming an apprentice as a beneficial and rewarding way of learning and developing new skills.”


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