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Two more men arrested over murder

Contributed by editor on Nov 20, 2004 - 09:48 PM


Two more men have been arrested over the murder of a  pensioner after the original suspect was released on bail on yesterday (19 November).

68 year old pensioner Derek Saxby was found dead from stab wounds at his home in  London Street Folkestone earlier this week.

A thirty-five-year-old man and another man, 41, were arrested on Friday afternoon by Kent police.

Christmas Eurofair comes to Canterbury

Contributed by editor on Nov 19, 2004 - 10:39 AM


Food, drink, arts and crafts from across Europe will be on sale in Canterbury between Friday 26 and Sunday 28 November at the city's Christmas Eurofair, the largest event of its kind in the southeast.

The event features a tented village of up to 100 stalls in the picturesque Dane John Gardens. Among the wide range of food and drink on offer are meats, wines, cheeses, cakes, beers, biscuits and speciality sweets. Traders from France, Germany, Italy and Great Britain will all be selling their wares.

As well as food to tempt every tastebud, arts and crafts including handmade wooden toys from Germany will be for sale, offering that Christmas present with a difference.

In addition, chefs from Britain and Europe will be showing off their culinary skills in a series of cookery demonstrations using the best fresh ingredients from their countries.

Entertainment over the three days includes Italian music from Certaldo in Tuscany and Breton music and dancing from Rennes.

Leader of Canterbury City Council, Cllr Alex Perkins, said: "We are delighted to once again be putting on our Christmas Eurofair. It's a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the festive flavours, smells, sights and sounds of Europe and pick up some delicious food and drink for Christmas.

"The Eurofair is an excellent example of the council meeting many of the aims of the Cittaslow movement. This is the sort of event we are being asked to lay on and we're sure it will prove very popular."

The Christmas Eurofair runs from 10am to 5pm on Friday 26 and Saturday 27 November and from 10am to 4pm on Sunday 28 November. It is organised by Canterbury City Council and Canterbury City Management Limited.

For more details, call the Canterbury Information Centre on 01227 378100 or visit

Christmas gift could land you in court

Contributed by editor on Nov 19, 2004 - 10:31 AM


Parents thinking about buying electrically assisted bikes for their children this Christmas may fall foul of the law.

Police are warning that some such bikes may not be quite what they seem. Pushbikes with built-in electric motors to assist on hills were originally marketed in the 1990’s but have recently become more popular. These bikes weigh less than 40 kilograms, have an electrical output of 200 watts or less and travel at less than 15 miles per hour. Such pushbikes are not illegal in Britain as the primary driving force is ‘pedal power’.

Similar-looking bikes and stand-one scooters where the main driving force is an electrical motor are the type police are more concerned about. These vehicles have 250 watt motors and are capable of reaching speeds of almost 20 miles per hour. Often advertised as complying with EU regulations, these bikes don’t always comply with British traffic laws.

If the more powerful bikes are used on the road, the rider must have a driving licence and insurance and the vehicle should be taxed and have an MOT – anyone under the age of 17 cannot use such vehicles on the road.

Riders of either type of bike should ensure they have adequate safety equipment.

PC Richard Lawton from the Thanet Traffic Unit has been looking into the differences between the bikes. He said: “I really think it’s a case of ‘buyer beware’. As a customer you need to be happy that the vehicle you are thinking of buying complies with the law.�

PC Lawton continued: “I would suggest visiting a reputable dealer who can advise on the differences between the types of bike. It’s worth doing a bit of research; these bikes cost anything from £300 to about £800 which could be a waste of money if riding one means you end up in court.â€?

£60,000 of jewels stolen in Folkestone raid

Contributed by editor on Nov 19, 2004 - 10:26 AM


Diamond thieves escaped with jewels worth £60,000 from a Folkestone jewellers last week.

Three men, thought to be in their early 20s took less than a minute to raid the window display of Simmonds in Sandgate Road in Folkestone in the early afternoon of 12 November.

Two of the men jumped over the counter and ransacked the front window display stealing a quantity of jewellery.

The robbers ran out of the shop and escaped in a Volvo car.

Howard unveils plans to combat drug addiction

Contributed by editor on Nov 19, 2004 - 10:07 AM


Conservative Leader Michael Howard has unveiled a new six-point action plan to combat illegal drug addiction once the party is restored to power.

Visiting a housing estate in Camden, north London, with Shadow Home Secretary David Davis, Mr Howard said the next Conservative government would provide more effective drug treatment by launching a tenfold expansion to 25,000 residential rehabilitation places; give addicts a new chance to get off drugs by strengthening police powers to divert them into treatment without court proceedings; and help schools introduce random drug-testing by providing the funding for testing machines in each local authority area.

The action programme would also discourage children from taking drugs by funding a major advertising and advice campaign with a clear, consistent anti-drugs message; reclassify cannabis as a banned Class B drug, sending a clear message that it is dangerous; and deter drug dealing by ensuring that repeat drug dealers serve a minimum mandatory seven year sentence, while also reforming sentencing guidelines so that adults convicted of knowingly selling drugs to children are likely to face a prison term.

Commenting on his announcement, Mr Howard said: "Drugs cause terrible damage to our society. They ruin lives. They fuel crime. And wholly innocent people, and the communities in which they live, are harmed.

"We could be doing more, much more. So today we are setting out our Action Plan on Drugs: to help stop the spread of drugs; to help reduce the crime which drugs fuel; and to help those, especially young people, who want to turn away from drugs."

Mumps outbreak prompts emergency action

Contributed by editor on Nov 17, 2004 - 08:12 PM


16 to 25 year olds are to be offered emergency vaccinations for mumps after cases in the County have increased threefold.

Director of the Kent Health Protection Unit, Dr Mathi Chandrakumar announced the programme after a sharp increase in cases over the previous year.

Dr Chandrakumar said the rise was not an epidemic, but warned that protection was needed.

Kent Health officials are targeting up to 30,000 young people who could be at risk.

<FONT color=navy><FONT color=black>Doctors say the injection will not have any serious side effects.

<FONT color=navy size=4>The East Kent immunisation sites:

<FONT color=navy>Canterbury College, Canterbury
Christchurch University College (Canterbury and Thanet)
South Kent College (Ashford)

Facts about Mumps

<FONT color=navy>Mumps is a viral infection that is transmitted through airborne droplets from the coughs and sneezes of infected people.

<FONT color=navy>It takes about 16-21 days between coming into contact with an infected person, and symptoms, such as painful swelling of saliva-making glands found o­n either side of the face, developing.

<FONT color=navy>The vast majority of people make an easy recovery from mumps infection.

<FONT color=navy>However, it can rarely cause unpleasant and painful complications and can be particularly dangerous in young men who may develop swelling of the testis that can cause infertility.

Last minute reprieve for Afghan student

Contributed by editor on Nov 17, 2004 - 07:53 PM


Amin Buratee the 18-year-old Whitstable student  who was expected to be deported back to Afghanistan at the weekend has been told he can stay in Britain to complete his A-levels.

Schoolfriends from Canterbury High School had staged a vgil outside the detention centre in Dover at the weekend.

But it was during today's vigil in Canterbury close to the Cathedral that the friends and supporters heard the news of Amin's release.

Canterbury Tory MP Julian Brazier had lobbied Home Secretary David Blunkett and Immigration Minister Des Browne to allow Amin to stay.