Hawkinge Civic Society meeting 19 September 2005

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MINUTES Action by
1. After some minor adjustments to two typing errors the minutes of the HCS held on 19 Sep 05 were passed.
2. a. The chairman outlined action taken on minute No 4 of HCS 1/05 and read the unsatisfactory reply which failed, or ignored, the purpose of the original request. A telephone request made by Debbie Cooper to the Shepway Planning Officer for letters to be sent to a wider area was told by Lucinda Green “that the minimum legal requirement had been observedâ€?  

b. In response to minute 6 of HCS 1/05 a meeting with the Planning Officer was again discussed and the Chairman agreed to invite a suitable officer to the next meeting.
c. Minute 7 of HCS 1/05 will be discussed below in minute 14d.
d. A nominal role of members is attached at Annex A as in the previous minutes


Mr Hall

Mr Barnes

3. The meeting was notified that letters of objection should be sent individually to the Shepway Planning Officer, and a copy sent to the Hawkinge Parish Council. Mr Preston of 32 The Street volunteered to deliver them to the secretary of the Parish Council. It was further recommended to send a copy of individual objection letters to Mr Peter Rosevear of the Mid Kent Transport Team because of the traffic implications. His address is – Mr Peter Rosevear, Senior Engineer, Mid Kent Transport Team, Double Day House, St Michaels’s Close, AYLESFORD Kent ME30 7BU Mr Preston
4. A search should be carried out with the Land Registry to find out if any covenants or restrictions exist on Leeks Wood Mr Sellars
5. It was suggested by Councillor Punnet (Hawkinge Parish Council) that everyone attend the next Hawkinge Parish Council Meeting to represent the depth of strong feeling displayed by residents This is to be held on Wednesday 12 October at 7.30pm in the Hawkinge Village Hall.
6. It was decided to widen the Hawkinge awareness base of the proposed development by distributing leaflets at various strategic points, coordinated by the Chairman and Gaile Flatman. The leaflet would be designed by the Chairman and reproduced by Gaile as a matter of urgency. Volunteers for distribution were: Sally Gilchrist, Caroline Robins, Janet Scripps, Debbie Cooper, Mr & Mrs Davies. Anyone else will be very welcome.
Mr Hall
Mrs Flatman
Mesdames Gilchrist
Mr Davies
7. Mr Hutt requested permission to speak to the News Editor of the Folkestone Herald & The Adscene to give them a statement. Granted. A statement was prepared verbatim from the floor.
Mr T Hutt
8. It was decided to invite local Shepway Councillors to attend the next meeting. Mr Pemble agreed to invite Mr Peter Smith (District Council) and Mr Sellars agreed to invite Mrs Susan Carey (County Council). Both are requested to liaise with the Chairman for the date & venue of the next HCS meeting.
Mr Hall
Mr Pemble
Mr Sellars
9. The Chairman was requested to contact the Community Tree Warden Mr Alan Rogers and make him aware of the gravity of the situation.
Mr Hall
10. Mr Hutt agreed to contact the Community Policeman and invite him to the next meeting. Mr Hutt to liaise with the Chairman for date & venue of next meeting.
Mr Hall
Mr Hutt
11. It was decided to initiate a suitable petition and forms were distributed. Forms should be returned to Debbie Cooper at The Fir Trees and the Chairman will forward them to the Planning Office.
Mr Hall
Mrs Cooper
12. Mr Hugh Rawlings volunteered to accept printing duties within reason. Mr Rawlings
13. Lorna Lindsay Wilkes will be asked by her father, Mr John Williams, to contact Meridian TV for coverage. Mr Williams

14. Relevant objections for individual letters were summarised with bullet points for guidance as follows:

a. Traffic in Mill Lane.
b. Traffic in The Street.
c. Parking in Mill Lane & The Street.
d. TPO No 20/1988 on Leeks Wood Hawkinge.
e. Bat colony in the wood.
f. Rare bird habitat e.g. Tawny Owl, Greater Spotted Woodpecker, Tree Creeper
g. Flora in wood e.g. Bluebells, Autumn flowering cyclamen etc
h. Intrusion into countryside.
i. Light pollution at night – due to security lights.

 j. Not in accordance with local development plan.
k. Adverse climate change due to loss of woodland.


15. Members were requested to look on the Hawkinge Gazette website and for posters on the Hawkinge Village Hall notice board for details of any further meetings. All
16. There being no further business the meeting closed at 21.25 hrs.

More vehicles use Mill Lane

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Dear Ed

As it is appears that the surgery and pharmacy is said to be a done deal, has anybody including Police, Councillors, Jan Doyle, David Callahan and the planning department of the council spoken about the volume of traffic that already flows in Mill Lane when the children are going backwards and forwards to school?

For anybody that is interested a count was done via CCTV.

On Monday 26th September 2005 between 15.00hrs and 19.00hrs and a total of 242 vehicles used the lane, and on Tuesday 27th September 2005 between 07.15hrs and 10.15hrs there were a total of 219 vehicles.

As you can see, the number as thought by the so called officials goes down the pan .

No wonder it is said it stinks.


Re: Fight the Health Centre plans - Posted my complaint

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Dear Ed

I must have been asleep this month, I have just had a note put through my door by Hawkinge Civic Society, on the subject and this was the first I knew about the plans. 

Have checked out the planning application on the website and posted my complaints about the proposal. 

It does seem like those in power are exercising their muscles without any public consultation on this one. 

I also see the number of houses for sale in Mill Lane seems to have increased significantly in the last week, can there be any connection do you think? What ever happened to the plan to close Mill Lane half way down anyway?


Re: Fight the health centre plans- View the plans

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Dear Ed

Just wanted to add to this - The proposal is known as Y05/1226/SH ERECTION OF A TWO STOREY DOCTORS SURGERY AND RETAIL PHARMACY TOGETHER WITH ANCILLARY ACCESS AND PARKING and can be viewed at 

It might be an idea to quote this reference number when writing to Shepway District Council.

You can also submit comments online at the above web address.

To link directly to the application click here


Fight the health centre plans

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FIGHT THE HEALTH CENTRE PLANS RE: Nipped in the bud or rotten to the core.

Dear Ed,

Every detail has already been agreed by all parties concerned in this planning application, even down to the extent of the one way system in Mill Lane. 

How ridiculous is all this in a democratic society? More like a police state!!! Who is there to put a stop to these wretched bureaucrats, (namely Shepway D.C.) when they make decisions "in our best interests" in SECRET. 

How dare they! 

Why do a deal secretly anyway? Were they frightened by the thought of all the opposition they would face?

TOO RIGHT! All of us country bumpkin half wits do realise all the problems and we are all concerned. 

This is NOT the right location for this type of development, especially when land has already been allocated for a new Health Centre.

Support Hawkinge Civic Society. 

Please will everyone write to 

The Planning Department, 

Civic Centre, 

Castle Hill Avenue, 

Folkestone CT20 2QY., 

before 7th. October stating your objections.

Watch this space as word gets around. SPREAD THE WORD!



Villagers' opportunity to trace family history

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Tracing your family history has never been easier with Kent Adult Education’s latest course, ‘Family History - First Steps’ at Folkestone Library.

The eight-week course starts on Tuesday 4 October from 2.30pm to 4.30pm. 

Janet Adamson, a tutor specialising in family and local history, will be running the course which is aimed at complete beginners and those seeking to update their knowledge of  family history research.

Census returns, parish registers, local newspapers, street directories and internet resources will all be available for use throughout the course.

For further information contact Folkestone Library on 01303 850123, and to enrol on the course contact Kent Adult Education on 08456 06 56 06.

Bandstand listed?

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Dear Ed

Is the Bandstand not a listed building and therefore cannot be demolished?

Sally Coleman


Good point. If any readers know the answer, please let me know. Ed

Goals galore

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By Cyril Trice

I suppose all three matches were interesting providing a glut of 23 goals, but the Hawkinge Sunday side with nine of the tally against Swingfield were the only village winners.

The Under 15 youth side played well in the first half of their match against Monkton and went into the second half just a goal to nil down. But the home side got into their stride and hammered another six goals into the Hawkinge goal by the time the final whistle had blown.

Saturday team results

Rolvenden 6 Hawkinge 1
Herve Fuchey scoring the goal for Hawkinge

The Sunday team result

Swingfield 0 Hawkinge 9
Goal scorers for Hawkinge not yet available

The U15 youth played at Monkton

Monkton 7 Hawkinge 0


To visit the Hawkinge Football Club website <A href="" target=_blank>click here

Heavy scent about Hawkinge and Shepway

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Dear Ed, 

I know that Autumn is the time of year when the slurry is spread on the fields and living close by the countryside as we do, the heady scent is all to often present for all to notice. 

However, there is something else around at the moment and I have spent some time deciding where the smell is coming from and who is responsible.

Was it that other smell that sometimes pervades the area; you know the smell of bull s**t. 

That seems all pervasive on occasion and it is even known to contaminate the clothing so that even if one had inadvertently strayed into the area of influence of the smell you have it until the garments have been thoroughly cleaned. 

No! This is something much stronger and pernicious, much more invidious and, dare I say it, much more difficult to get out of ones hair and clothing. 

No! Yes! At long last, I have it! 

It is something being generated by goings on in the wood opposite 45 The Street.

I refer of course to planning application Y05/1226/SH. 

Putting in a planning request is one thing; the one I mention was dated 6th September and Shepway sent out the notices on 15th but what on earth were JCBs and chainsaws doing in the wood on the 23rd September when the application is open to objections until 14th October? 

Taking soil samples was the answer - hence the smell of bull s**t;  I mean, who takes soil samples with a chain saw?

Or could it be worse? Could it be the smell of a done deal? 

This smell is much worse because it is full of overtones of corruption and anyone that has been around a rotting carcass will know what I mean. 

Makes you think though, don't it? 

The cynical will immediately draw the obvious conclusion, would it be justified? 

I wonder?     





For those readers who are unaware of the plans, here they are. These are going before Shepway District Council. (Hawkinge Parish Council voted against the development)  


For more details

Follow this link   select Shepway Council  click on Search Applications - when the new page opens complete the box asking for the planning number, insert Y05/1226/SH click Search box and all the plans are there

75 year old Dover woman 'toughs out' hurricane

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Barbara Batten, a 75-year-old originally from Dover was in the path of Hurricane Rita but had to "tough it out". 

Barbara  who emigrated to America in 1951 and lives in Sugar Land, a few miles south-west of Houston was planning o­n leaving but changed her mind after news that interstate highways out of town were jammed.

She said that her bags were packed but the  authorities changed their mind and told us to stay at home and tough it out. The roads were all grid locked and the petrol stations had all run out. She said she hasn't seen a soul. and the whole place is a ghost town.

Rita spared Houston, and residents who had left the city began heading home o­n Saturday (24 September).

The hurricane did not come up to the grimmest predictions. But even if human loss was small, the economic bill could still be considerable. The oil installations around Houston survived intact, as did the city's vital shipping canal.