Changing room sneak thief warning

Contributed by editor on Sep 13, 2005 - 01:51 PM

Changing room sneak thief warning


Local police are warning weekend sports enthusiasts to make sure their valuables are kept safe following a series of raids on changing rooms.

They say that over the past couple of weekends they have received reports of offenders sneaking into changing rooms whilst the players are distracted and helping themselves to cash and credit cards and whatever else they can find. 

Their advice is not to leave valuables unattended in a changing room and if possible lock them away in a locker or in your car. 

Make sure the changing room is locked after the last person leaves to take part in the game and they suggest  the valuables are looked after by a member of the team on the sideline. Never leave them unattended in an insecure changing room. 

Police would like this warning to be circulated to anybody you know who runs a team or looks after local changing rooms.

Where do they get the alcohol?

Contributed by editor on Sep 13, 2005 - 11:58 AM


Dear Ed

I was musing the other day, whilst I cleared up the results of the excesses of the previous night's drinking, what would be a punishment befitting those who think it is great fun to smash glass bottles and glasses on the pavements and roads.

All I could come up with was that the cretins would be made to walk barefoot over a bed of broken glass - with no hope of receiving medical treatment from the precious resources of the National Health Service.

I know that I was particularly grumpy at the time; it was a nice morning, but I did have other, more important things to do.

I know too that such a punishment would infringe the darlings' human rights.

However, what about the pets and children that had to walk over that area (approximately twenty metres run of pavement) where the only alternative route was to walk in the road and run the risk of the motorists who, in the majority, needlessly flout the existing speed limit.

It was also worth noting that these youngsters were only bordering on the age of being able to obtain alcohol legally - how do they get hold of the stuff.

Certainly, the three girls the week before were nowhere near that age and one of them was so out of her mind that she had trouble staying in the middle of the road.

I ask again, where do they obtain the alcohol?

Yours, as grumpy as ever,


Former England star joins Folkestone Invicta

Contributed by editor on Sep 12, 2005 - 03:41 PM


Former England defender and Welling manager Paul Parker has joined the coaching staff of Folkestone. 

Folkestone manager Neil Cugley is concerned about the number of goals his team have recently conceded 

Speaking to Radio Kent he said: "In our league the forwards are quite good and quite sharp, and they'll punish you, so we've generally got to improve,  I've brought in Paul Parker, who is going to help me from this week, and he'll be looking around for players."

Paul Parker enjoyed an illustrious career in both club and international football.

Parker's club fortunes went from strength to strength and in 1991 he earned a move from QPR to Manchester United for £2million. He slotted straight into the Reds defence and went on to three league titles and two FA Cups.

After leaving United in 1996 Parker's career was in trouble and moves to Derby, Sheffield United, Fulham and Chelsea brought few appearances because of injury.

Parker's injuries forced him into football management in charge of Welling United in the Nationwide Conference South.

BNP newspapers seized at Dover port

Contributed by editor on Sep 12, 2005 - 11:14 AM


All sixty thousand copies of this month's edition of the British National Party newspaper were seized yesterday (11 September) by police in Dover.

A Police spokesman said they were seized so they can see whether any criminal offences have been committed.

The newspapers, in a lorry from Slovakia was stopped by HM Customs and Police. It was o­n its way from the Slovak Republic, where it is printed to the distribution Centre in Leeds. The two Slovak drivers were interviewed by officials but later released.

The BNP have now published the edition o­n its website.

<FONT color=navy><FONT color=red>LATE NEWS

12 September 18.00hrs. 

It has been announced that police are to hand back copies of the newspaper but sample copies have been kept for an inquiry.

Dover to be hit as fuel protests grow

Contributed by editor on Sep 12, 2005 - 09:15 AM


Campaigners protesting against the Government's tax o­n fuel are to be extended, and the Channel port  of Dover could be hit as early as Wednesday (15 September).

Widespread disruption across the country with demonstrations set to be staged across three days, from Wednesday until Friday could be seen if the dispute is not settled.

Refinery protests and motorway go-slows have been threatened - and campaigners revealed even the major port of Dover could be targeted.

The lobby has been sparked by the price of petrol at the pumps, which has reached £1 a litre after rising more than 20% in recent months and threatens to be forced higher by the disruption caused to the US oil industry by Hurricane Katrina.

Campaigners from the Fuel Lobby have given government ministers until Wednesday to meet them to discuss their grievances or face protests. They want to see an immediate reduction in taxation to bring fuel prices down.

Three from three for Hawkinge

Contributed by editor on Sep 11, 2005 - 08:21 PM


By Cyril Trice

Three points from three games was the disappointing tally for the Hawkinge football squads which managed just one win from three games over the weekend

The Saturday team playing in the Ashford and District league were beaten by Ham Street

Hamstreet 5 Hawkinge 3
Shaune Carey 2 and Luke Philips 1 were the goalscorers for Hawkinge

In the Folkestone and District Sunday Morning League Hawkinge did well to grab a victory away from home over Bar Vasa

Bar Vasa 2 Hawkinge 4
Goal scorers for Hawkinge Tom Whelam 1, Johnny Walker 1 Matt Wratten 1, Eamon Elalem 1

The under 15 team playing a friendly at home were outclassed by an in form Canterbury Eagles side.

Hawkinge 0, Canterbury Eagles 9

To visit the Hawkinge Football Club website click here

Cracknell smashes record surfboard crossing

Contributed by editor on Sep 11, 2005 - 04:35 PM


Double Olympic gold medallist James Cracknell has today (11 September) set a new world record for crossing the English Channel on a surfboard.

The Oxfordshire rower, who won gold in the Sydney and Athens Olympics used a 16ft paddleboard and his own arms to help him to cross to France in four minutes under five and a half hours.

Cracknell, 33, who is a keen surfer, hopes to raise £60,000 from the crossing. The money will be split between Access Sport charity, which helps children take up sport, and subsidising surf lessons and equipment for disadvantaged children attending Craske's surf school in Polzeath.

Dump the junk - banish junk mail and telephone calls

Contributed by editor on Sep 10, 2005 - 03:49 PM


To reduce the amount of personally addressed junk mail coming through your door contact write to or telephone

The Mailing Preference Service,
Freepost 22,
London WIE 7EZ

0845 703 4599

Allow at least four months before you see a reduction in the mail that you receive. .

and put a notice in your window or next to your letterbox stating that leaflets are not welcome.

To reduce the amount of unaddressed leaflets which are delivered by the Royal Mail contact

Royal Mail Door to Door,
Streamline House,
Sandy Lane West

To reduce the amount of unwanted telephone sales calls contact

The Telephone Preference Service,
5th Floor,
Haymarket House,
1. Oxenden Street,
London SWI Y 4EE

It will take up to 28 days for the telephone calls to be reduced.

If companies continue to ring you after you have asked them not to contact

Ludgate Hill,
London EC4M 7 JJ

0845 714 5000

Family escape blaze in Folkestone home

Contributed by editor on Sep 09, 2005 - 05:28 PM


A family from Folkestone narrowly avoided tragedy after fire broke out in their Biggins Wood Road home.

In the early hours of Saturday (3 September) the couple and their three children were sleeping upstairs. During the night the mother let the dog out into the garden and noticed flames at the window of a downstairs bedroom.

She rushed to the room with a bucket of water and put out a small fire caused by some candles on the window sill which set light to the curtain. She then woke her family, got them out of the house and called the Fire Brigade.

Firefighters are warning that this incident could have been much more serious due to the lack of smoke alarms in the property, allowing the fire to spread undiscovered. If this had happened the only warning would have been acrid smoke rising to the first floor of the house where the family slept.

Sub Officer Steve Flint of Folkestone’s Green Watch said: “I would urge all householders to take care around candles and never leave them burning unattended. In this instance, the family were very lucky to get out of the building safely. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of having working smoke alarms in your home. It could save your life.�

Firefighters returned to the property the next day to fit two smoke alarms and deliverer fire safety leaflets to homes in the area, offering free home fire safety checks.

This service is free and firefighters will fit, if required, a free ten-year smoke alarm. These checks take about 20 minutes and include tips on night-time routines, cooking safely with oil or fat, the dangers of smoking materials, care with candles, electrical safety and planning escape routes in the event of fire.

If you would like a free home fire safety check or some fire safety advice then contact your local fire safety office or log on to

Stolen 'playpit' sand burns danger

Contributed by editor on Sep 09, 2005 - 05:10 PM


Police have issued a warning following the theft of toxic sand from a building site near Ashford last night (8 September).

The lime sand which resembles that used in children's sand pits had been used to fill in petrol tanks at a derelict petrol station ten years ago.

Four tonnes of the sand had been left at the site and stored on plastic sheeting overnight, within the secured and locked compound.

The sand contains numerous toxins and petrol, and will cause irritation and burning if it comes in contact with skin. The sand is very light in colour and very fine.

PC Lee Calver said: “The lime sand used to absorb the petrol in the tanks resembles the sand which is often used in children’s sand pits. We are very concerned that this sand may have already been sold on. If you have been offered sand, or have bought sand which has a distinct petrol smell, contact police in Ashford on 01233 619167 or Environmental Health at Ashford Borough Council on 01233 331111.�