Hawkinge Neighbourhood Management Partnership - about us

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A bit of History

Shepway District Council, o­n behalf of Hawkinge, set up the Partnership in February 2004 following a successful bid to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. The funding, which amounts to quite a substantial sum, £2.25m over the next 7 years, is via the Neighbourhood Management Pathfinder Programme.

A number of Pathfinder Programmes are successfully running throughout the country and Hawkinge is unique in Kent in being awarded this money.

Why have we been singled out for this funding and what will it do for Hawkinge?

We are all aware that the explosion of developments in our community has been a mixed blessing for us all. For those of us who are new to Hawkinge it has enabled us to live in a part of Kent, which has outstanding views, good road access to London and the Continent and the promise of an improved rail service to London!

For those who lived here before us incomers arrived, the expansion has brought promises -improvements to the A260, improvements to the village centre,improved health facilities for the village, improved schooling, improved shopping and employment opportunities. So far they have o­nly been promises!

In terms of population, Hawkinge could almost be described as urban, yet we have very few facilities and infrastructure to support a population of that size. I feel confident, however, that the Hawkinge Neighbourhood Management Project will enable these promises to be delivered.

The money that has been allocated to us will not be sufficient to pay for all these promised improvements. However, by working in partnership with agencies and providers we will be able to plan for the future of the village.

Who's o­n the Board

The Board members are drawn from the Parish Council, District Council, County Council, the two schools, the police, various agencies and service providers -social services, the employment service, housing corporations, the countryside agency, and, most important of all the residents of Hawkinge.

I feel very strongly that we, the residents, should be in control of the future of our community -indeed it is for this reason that I joined the board and became its Chair. We live here and together we should take responsibility for our community and ensure that we have all the facilities we need which will improve the quality of our lives.

The Hawkinge Management Board will work very closely with the Parish Council to ensure that we build a strong community identity here in Hawkinge so that in the not so distant future those in Folkestone and surrounding districts look with envy at "the folk who live o­n the hill".

Deirdre Ferguson has been appointed as our Neighbourhood Manager and she is tasked with producing a Delivery Plan that will ensure that the key objectives identified by the Board do actually happen.

What are the key objectives, and how did they come about?

Well they have come from the people of Hawkinge. At the recent Fun Day people were asked to state their 3 wishes for Hawkinge and these, together with the findings of the recent MORI Poll that was undertaken in the village, have been collated.

The objectives focus o­n

....... improving access to services and facilities
....... improving facilities and services for young people and children within Hawkinge
....... ensuring community cohesion -getting the various groups within the village to work to a common goal
....... improving the environment of Hawkinge
....... crime and disorder -ensuring that Hawkinge is a safe and pleasant place in which to live.

The first delivery plan must be lodged with the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister by the end of October. But that is not the last time it will be looked at. Throughout the coming year the Board will be mapping the progress of the plan and it will be evaluated and at the end of the year it will be revised. The Delivery Plan, therefore, is a dynamic document, which will reflect the changing needs of the Hawkinge Community.

What have we done so far?

Some organisations within Hawkinge have already benefited from the Community Chest Grants for groups and organisations based in Hawkinge. We have put £10,000 into this chest and will give grants up to £750 until such time as the chest has been emptied. The money is not available to companies who distribute a profit, or to statutory bodies, other than the Parish Council the schools, or the health bodies.

We have had successful applications from a number of groups -The Football Club, the Cricket Club, Hawkinge Short Mat Bowls Group, the Parish Council. The pot is not empty -so I would urge Group Leaders to access this fund. For further details please contact Deirdre Ferguson.

Deirdre is temporarily based at Shepway District Council.

I mentioned the Fun Day earlier, and I know that although many people enjoyed the day, others have said we didn't know anything about it -we would have liked to have been involved.

This was the first Fun Day. In the future Deirdre will work with the many organisations and groups within Hawkinge to ensure that the next Fun Day is bigger and better!

Where will we be based?

Finally -watch the space next to Tesco! We plan to site our Neighbourhood Office o­n that vacant plot and it will become a o­ne-stop shop for residents of Hawkinge to access some of the services we are currently missing.

Jan Doyle

Chair- Hawkinge Partnership

People feel safer say police

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People in Kent are less worried about crime, particularly violent crime, compared to the same time last year.

The improved perception of crime in the county is revealed in the latest Home Office Police Performance indicators published o­n Wednesday (22 September).

Kent fares well across all of the areas that it was measured against along with other forces in England and Wales.

10.3% improvement in the investigation of crime including an increase in the number of offenders brought to justice with other agencies.

6.4% improvement in crime reduction, specifically house burglaries, vehicle crime and robberies.

67% of police officers’ time spent o­n frontline duties, higher than the 63% average of seven similar forces.

Kent Police Authority Chairman John Palmer said: “These latest performance indicators show that Kent’s good performance is continuing. We welcome figures showing that the public’s perception is changing. More people now believe that the county is a safe place to live, which as we know, it is.�

Assistant Chief Constable David Ainsworth said: “Kent Police is determined to ensure that offenders are caught and dealt with appropriately. Along with our partner agencies in the criminal justice system we are constantly looking to improve the ways we investigate crime so that just outcomes are secured within the courts. These figures show good progress in this area.�

Firefighters use digital TV message

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Kent Fire and Rescue Service has broken new ground by using digital television to convey a wide selection of community fire safety messages.

KFRS is o­ne of the first to take part in the venture which was set up as a result of the Kent Connects Partnership – the collaboration of several local authorities including Medway Council and Kent County Council.

The initiative means that anyone who has Sky Active, NTL or Telewest can view the Kent Fire and Rescue digital television site by selecting: Direct Gov, Local Info and Kent Connects. The service also means that a wide-range of council information can also be accessed quickly, easily and in the comfort of your own home.

Kent and Medway Fire and Rescue Authority Vice-Chairman Tom Mason said: “This is a great example of local authorities working together to provide a valuable service to the people of Kent and Medway. We are always looking at new and innovative ways to reach as many people as possible with our community fire safety messages and this venture represents an ideal way of achieving this.�

Chief Fire Officer Peter Coombs said: “Kent Fire and Rescue Service has already made great progress in reducing accidental fire deaths and injuries. However, projects such as this o­ne serve to further consolidate this success, further driving forward our aim to improve the safety of the people of Kent and Medway.â€?

The project is part of a national pilot scheme funded by the Government, aimed at encouraging people to make use of the facility– demonstrating just how easy it can be to use technology to find out about local authority services.

Manston operators bid to take over EUjet

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PlaneStationPLC, the group which operates Kent International Airport  at Manston has today announced (24 September) their intention to buy the budget airline EUjet.

<P align=center><IMG alt=EUjet hspace=5 src="images/eujet.jpg" align=baseline vspace=5 border=0>

The Company currently has a 30 per cent investment in EUjet and in order to manage and control the investment required to develop EUjet, the Directors have concluded it is in the Company's best interests to enter into an option to take control of EUjet.

EUjet has been operating 12 routes since 1 September 2004. The Directors are currently reviewing with EUjet's management the business plan of EUjet and this review may have an effect on the ongoing working capital requirements of the Company.

The warrants over the Consideration Shares are conditional upon the approval of shareholders and it is expected that a circular convening an Extraordinary General Meeting to do this will be despatched in the near future.

It is intended that P J McGoldrick, the founder and CEO of EUjet, will join the Board of PlaneStation Group PLC

Crime round-up 24 September 2004

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<SPAN class=newstext>Police are appealing for information about an unprovoked assault o­n a 20-year-old man in Saltwood.

The man was walking along Sandling Road, Saltwood with his girlfriend at around 7.25 pm o­n Friday night, 17 Sept, when he passed a group of male youths where were walking towards him. o­ne of the youths called out to the man, and as he turned round, punched him in the face. The youths then ran off in the direction of Brockhill School. The offender is a white male aged 15-17, 5’10â€? tall, of medium build. He had a pale complexion and was wearing a light blue sweat shirt with a white logo, dark blue jeans and a dark brown baseball cap. He also had a signet ring. Did you see this group run away?


<SPAN class=newstext>A rear windscreen wiper was stolen from a Nissan Micra parked at Neason Court, Neason Way, Folkestone between 7.00 pm o­n Wed 15th and 9.00 am o­n Thurs 16th Sept. (11819)


<SPAN class=newstext>Two bikes, o­ne an Appollo and the other a Raleigh, were stolen from a shed in the back garden of a house in Ashley Avenue, Folkestone between 4.00 pm o­n Sat 18th and 10.00 am o­n Sun 19th Sept.


Anyone with information about these crimes is asked to contact Folkestone Police Station o­n 01303 850055.

<SPAN class=newstext>Alternatively, you could phone Crimestoppers o­n 0800 555 111. The call is free, you don’t have to leave your name and could be eligible for a cash reward.

Scooter theft prompts police appeal

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Police are appealing for information about the theft of a red Peugeot scooter which was stolen from Kettle Drive, Hawkinge late o­n Friday night (17 September).

It was found burnt out in Mill Lane, Hawkinge, the following day (18 September).

The scooter was taken at around 10.00 pm and a group of young people, which included two girls, all wearing tracksuits and baseball caps, was seen nearby.

Police would like to know who they are. If you have any information local police want to hear from you.

Folkestone police  01303 850055. 

Howard calls for limits on immigration

Contributed by editor on Sep 22, 2004 - 05:25 PM


<TABLE width=150 align=left border=0><TABLE class=lightbg cellPadding=4 width=145><TD class=mcblack align=middle>
Michael Howard
<TD width=5><IMG height=1 alt="" src="" width=5>Michael Howard has promised a fairer and more effective system of immigration controls, with an annual quota o­n the number of foreigners allowed to settle here, withdrawal from the international convention o­n refugees, and reform of the work permit system.

In a keynote speech, the Conservative Leader stressed that immigration has strengthened the UK in the past, but that the breakdown of controls and an increasingly chaotic and unfair system now undermines national security, jeopardises the management of the public services, and threatens to wreck good race relations.

And pledging new measures to stop Britain being an "easy touch" for immigrants, he declared: "David Blunkett may believe that there is no obvious upper limit to legal immigration. I do not agree. While migration in both directions is part of a competitive and dynamic modern economy, immigration cannot continue at its present, uncontrolled levels."

Addressing an audience of prospective candidates in London, Mr Howard pledged that a future conservative government would reintroduce embarkations controls and take tough action against firms which employ people illegally; and would introduce an annual limit to immigration, with Parliament setting a maximum limit o­n numbers coming to the UK. The limit would be determined by economic need, family reunion, and our moral obligation to genuine refugees.

Strict controls would be imposed o­n work permits, with a points-based system o­n the Australian model for the evaluation of applicants. The assumption that a work permit automatically leads to long term settlement would be ended.

Mr Howard said a Conservative-run Britain would withdraw from the outmoded 1951 Refugee Convention and enter reservations against the European Convention o­n Human Rights, replacing them with British laws allowing asylum cases to be decided more swiftly. While genuine refugees would continue to be welcomed, those who are not would be swiftly removed.

And a significant reduction in immigration would be achieved with stricter controls o­n work permits and firm action to stop economic migrants and people who are not genuine refugees from applying for asylum.

Mr Howard said: "Over the years hundreds of immigrant communities have successfully integrated into British society. They have rightly held o­n to their traditions and culture, while also embracing Britain's and playing their full role in our national life. But any system of immigration must be properly controlled. Firm but fair immigration controls are essential for good race relations, the maintenance of national security and the management of public services."

Warning that current controls have collapsed into unfair chaos, he went o­n: "Britain has reached a turning point. As a country we need a totally new approach to immigration and asylum. We need a system that helps genuine refugees and gives priority to those who want to come to Britain, work hard and make a positive contribution"

Arts award for Astor

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Astor Theatre Arts Centre in Deal has been given a boost with news of a £2,000 grant from Kent County Council.

<FONT color=black>The grant will go towards improving customer facilities at the theatre including seating, sound and lighting. It will also help with the marketing of the theatre's forthcoming programme of events.

<FONT color=black>KCC Cabinet Member for Community Services Sarah Hohler said: "Astor Theatre is an important facility for the east Kent community so I am delighted to award them with this grant."

<FONT color=black>The grant is part of KCC's Partnership Awards to Arts Organisations and Museums which has awarded nearly £200,000 to arts projects countywide already this year.

Big support for Gurkhas at Conference

Contributed by editor on Sep 22, 2004 - 05:07 PM

Local Gurkhas received three standing ovations at the National Lib Dem conference in Bournemouth.

They had been invited to the conference by local Lib Dem campaigner Peter Carroll. He has been helping the Gurkhas in a nationwide campaign to get the right to live in the UK as citizens when they retire. The Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy was present during the debate.

Peter Carroll said, 'It is an outrage that these fine warriors are treated so unfairly. If the Gurkhas are good enough to fight and die for this country, they are good enough to be made citizens'.

Currently, over 400 retired Gurkhas are awaiting a decision about whether they can remain in the UK. The retired Gurkhas face the very real risk of being deported if their applications are turned down.

Charles Kennedy took the very unusual step of personally thanking Tikendra Dewan, himself a retired Gurkha, who addressed the conference. It is o­nly in the most exceptional circumstances that non Party members are given the opportunity to address the national conference.

Retired Gurkha, Bidur Pakhrin, who lives in Cheriton endorsed the speech made by Tikendra Dewan who said, 'We are simply asking for the right to live in the society that we have served over generations. I would like to thank the Great British public, the Liberal Democrats, Charles Kennedy and Peter Carroll for their help and support'.

Tony Blair has promised that a decision about the Gurkhas fate will be made by the end of this month.

Overnight road closures scheduled

Contributed by editor on Sep 21, 2004 - 10:36 PM


Canterbury Road at Etchinghill, near Folkestone, will be closed for three nights (week beginning Monday 20 September) while resurfacing work is carried out by Kent Highways.

A stretch of road between the Orchard Garage and Newbarn Corner will be closed from 7.00pm until 7.00am o­n Thursday 23 September, Friday 24 September and Monday 27 September.

Vehicle access to properties and businesses along the closed stretch of road will not be affected and pedestrian access will be maintained.

Through traffic will be diverted via Postling Road, A20 Ashford Road and Beachborough.

Kent Highways Project Engineer, Chris Maw, said efforts would be made to keep disruption to a minimum.

“As local people know, this stretch of road needs resurfacing and we hope they will bear with us while the work is carried out.�

Hythe High Street will also be closed while resurfacing work is carried out.

The road will be closed from 6.00pm until 6.00am o­n Monday 27 September, Tuesday 28 September and Wednesday 29 September.

Through traffic will be diverted via Prospect Road, Rampart Road and Malthouse Hill