Warning of traffic delays

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Drivers using Snargate Street in Dover are being warned of traffic disruption because of work o­n the main route in and out of the dock.

The Highway Agency is due to carry out the work from the middle of next month.

From 16 March the roundabout at the entrance to the Eastern Docks is being resurfaced.

And at the A0 near the Western docks work will be carried o­n the Limekiln roundabout.

Villagers miss out as Shepway meet elsewhere

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Plans to hold a Community Assembly of the full Shepway Council and Council Officers at the Hawkinge Community Centre have been scrapped after the manager of the centre Richard Robinson told the council that the hall was already booked.

It is now being rescheduled to visit Elham and Stelling Minnis instead.

The meeting would have given Hawkinge residents an opportunty to voice their views and concerns of local issues. A Shepway spokesman said that a roving microphone would have been passed around the meeting for people to ask questions and make comments.

Community Centre manager Mr Robinson told the Gazette that when Shepway approached him with the booking he was given the impression it was a normal Shepway Council Meeting and was not given details of the format.

Cllr John Heasman who is also o­n the Management Committee of the Community Centre knew nothing of the meeting and when the Gazette told him he said: "This is the first I have known about it."

Mr Heasman has subsequently made enquiries and said: "It's a pure misunderstanding as to how important this would have been to the village.

"I am going to be talking to Shepway council o­n Monday to see if it can be rearranged for another date.

"We will endeavour to pull out all the stops to ensure the Community Centre is available.

"I feel sure the Community Centre manager acted in good faith and was not aware of the importance of the meeting".

Parish council Chairman Cyril Trice was completely unaware of the Community Assembly and said: "It was an opportunity missed".

District and Parish Councillor David Callahan said: "I understand the Community Centre was already booked but I am most disappointed that the meeting could not be held there, especially after having spent £2m o­n the building".

A Shepway Council spokesman said: "We are very disappointed that the Assembly will not be held in Hawkinge.

"It is hoped there will be another opportunity to hold the Assembly in the village towards the end of the year".

Crackdown on burglars

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<FONT face=Arial color=black size=4>CRACKDOWN ON BURGLARS

Reporting to the Hawkinge Parish Council at last night's meeting, Village Warden Ian Norman told councillors of a spate of daytime burglaries in the village.

He said that a pattern had emerged where homes without alarms were targeted.

Mr Norman said that it was advisable to have a visible alarm installed as offenders would walk around the area checking which homes were the easiest to target.

Ian and Community PC Trevor Moody are promoting the distribution of Kent Police leaflets which give householders tips how to make it more difficult for the burglar.

To get your copy contact Ian Norman 07781 1271303 or Email

This initiative coincides with a Kent wide operation launched by new Chief Constable Michael Fuller.

Operation Castle is due to last six weeks until the end of March.

Michael Fuller, who joined the force at the start of 2004, wants to turn the tables o­n burglars with a campaign of arrest warrants and raids.

Residents will also be encouraged to protect their houses with crime prevention advice offered throughout the county.

Victims of distraction burglaries where thieves bluff their way into homes will now be able to look through suspects o­n a lap-top computer within hours of the crime being reported.

The operation runs from 14 February until 31 March. and is being launched today (12 February).

Airfield petition gets off the ground

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A petitition to help save "Hawkinge airfield" and an "area of outstanding natural beauty" has received over 100 signatures so far says airfield campaigner Graeme Green

Mr Green hopes their will be a big response to his petition from villagers who feel that there has been enough development already o­n the site of the former RAF station.

It is planned to present the petition to John Prescott's Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

The petition is aimed at two new planning applications YO3 0903/4 SH  details of which can be seen at the Shepway Council offices

Jobless figure falls in South East

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<FONT face=Arial color=black size=4>JOBLESS FIGURE FALLS IN SOUTH EAST

The jobless figure for the South East fell by 2,000 in the three months October to December, compared with the previous three months.

The number of people out of work stood at 161,000, according to the latest official figures. The unemployment rate was 3.8%.

The number of people out of work nationally stood at 1,459,000

Folkestone Camera Club meeting 9 February 2004

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<FONT face=Arial color=black size=4>FOLKESTONE CAMERA CLUB MEETING 9 FEBRUARY 2004

<FONT face=Arial><FONT color=black><FONT size=2>Monday 9th  February,  was our 4th  Print competition of the season and was judged by Mr Brian Kelvie FRPS.  Brian brought along a few of his photographs to show us before his judging; which proved he is a very competent photographer, and therefore experienced enough to judge our entries. Winners of each section (marks out of 20) were as follows:-


Intermediate:-   CHARLES WHITE HAMPTON COURT   20 (15 entries)    MARY COLLINS STONE FONT    20




Intermediate:- MURIEL HILLIARD REBECCA    19 (2 entrries)   

Advanced:- MARIE-LAURE STONE  CPAGB     I KNOW MY LETTERS 20(15 entries) DAVE TURNER                     o­nE LITTLE INDIAN BRAVE   20  KEITH RADFORD  ARPS       BLUE EYES   20  Next Monday 16th February, Dr. Peter Brandham (Botanist from Kew Gardens, retired) will be showing another of his superb shows entitled ‘Totoya to Tanzania’.  Peter is a regular visitor to our club who always gives us a terrific evening.  He is a superb photographer and along with his sound interpretations and in depth knowledge of his subject creates an evening thoroughly enjoyed by all.  The following Monday 23rd February, will be our 4th Slide Competition of the season. 

On 6/7th March we will be holding our Annual Exhibition at Ushers the Florist, Cheriton Road (12 – 4pm Saturday and 11am – 3pm Sunday) and o­n the 8th March we are hosting an Audio Visual Variety Show by Peter Brown ARPS, DPAGB, APAGB and President of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain.  This will be a real treat for anybody interested in Photography and this event will be open to anyone wishing to attend.  The venue is the Channel School, Park Farm Road at 7.30p.m.  Tickets £3.50 (including refreshments) available at the door or in advance from our Secretary below.  

Visit our website at

Our meetings are held at the United Reform Community Hall, Castle Hill Avenue, Folkestone o­n Mondays at 7.45pm.  New members are always welcome,  if interested please phone Mrs Jenny Barraclough (Secretary) 01303 245399, or e mail :


Parking in Dover

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<FONT size=2>

<FONT face=Arial color=black>PARKING IN DOVER

Dear Ed

Your item re Dover Council's tax rise.

<FONT face=Arial color=black>I wonder if tax payers there realise that a lot of their money goes to pay for a barrister o­n the staff (believe it or not) who's purpose is to prosecute as many people as possible in the courts for crimes like parking two minutes over time and such despicable acts by the residents and visitors allegedly.

<FONT face=Arial color=black>Why does anybody visit there anyway ?

<FONT face=Arial color=black>Peter Hogben

Job centre for redundant ferry staff

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An employment centre is being set up in Dover to help find new jobs for 500 ferry workers who are due to be made redundant at the end of February.
Ferry operator P&O said the job losses were a result of o­ne of its ferry services to Calais being cut after a fall in passenger numbers.

The employment and information centre will be at the Dover Discovery Centre and is due to open next week.

The centre is aiming to get as many people as possible new jobs by March.

P&O said the jobs cuts came as a result of a downturn in the tourism industry and growing competition from no-frills airlines.

More girls' football kicks off

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<FONT face=Arial color=black size=4>MORE GIRLS’ FOOTBALL KICKS OFF

More football coaching sessions for girls are about to kick-off.

The Kick-Start sessions are being held at Southlands Leisure Centre, Station Road, New Romney, every Saturday between 12.30pm and 1.30pm from 22 February until 28 March.

Girls between the ages of 11 and 15 can take part and will be coached by FA qualified coaches. The coaching will take place indoors and trainers and drink will be needed.

The sessions are being organised by Kent Active Sports " a partnership between the Sports Council, Kent County Council, Shepway District Council and other local authorities across the county. They follow successful coaching sessions were held at the Polo Sports Ground, Cheriton, during October.

Wilbert Greaves, Shepway Council’s sports development officer, said  Kick-Start was part of a nation-wide programme, supported by the Lottery Sports Fund.

"The programme aims to help young people who have an ability and desire to improve their sporting skills by giving them access to organised sports. The Kent Active Sports partnership is o­ne of 45 groups delivering the programme throughout the UK."

Any girls interested in the coaching sessions and who would like an application form should contact Wilbert o­n 01303 852251 or Liz Symons, football development officer, o­n 07903 127256.

Taking a closer look at scrutiny

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Councillors and officers from across Kent will be taking a closer look at the role of overview and scrutiny at a special conference at Folkestone’s Leas Cliff Hall o­n 16 March.

Scrutiny Uncovered is being held to provide an opportunity to share ideas and experience, discuss progress and consider the future development of overview and scrutiny.

It is the first to be held in the county and representatives from14 local authorities, including Kent County Council and Medway unitary authority, have been invited.

Keynote speakers are Gareth Wall from the Centre for Public Scrutiny and David Natzler from the House of Commons. The Rt Hon Bernard Jenkin, MP for North Essex and Shadow Secretary of State for the Regions, will give the closing address.

Delegates will be able to choose four workshops to attend – reviewing budgets, health scrutiny, publicising scrutiny and conducting good reviews.

RADA in Business will be demonstrating practical scrutiny skills.

Scrutiny Uncovered is organised by the Kent and Medway Scrutiny Officers Network.