Dog patrols in Police crackdown

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Police are to use dog patrols to help tackle anti-social behaviour.
<FONT color=black>
Handlers will take to the streets o­n Friday and Saturday nights and will focus o­n areas where there has been violent crime and criminal damage.

<FONT color=black>The summer patrols are part of Kent Police's Operation Excalibur, which was launched by Chief Constable Mike Fuller to combat anti-social behaviour.

House fire victim critical

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An elderly man is in a critical condition in hospital following a  fire in his home in Ottawa Crescent, Dover.

<FONT color=black>Firefighters were called to the semi-detached house just before midday today (2 August) and rescued the man from an upstairs bedroom window.

He was rushed to hospital suffering 50% burns.

<FONT color=black>The victim had discovered the fire in the downstairs of his home and made his way upstairs to the bedroom. 

A neighbour went to his aid after hearing shouting and saw smoke coming from next door.

<FONT color=black>He fetched  a ladder and broke the window but the man had collapsed before he could reach him.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service have said that there were no smoke alarms fitted in the property.

Community fire safety Partnership Manager Brian Wash said: “Without a doubt, a working smoke alarm in the property would have alerted the man to the fire before it took hold, enabling him to get out sooner.�

<FONT color=black>Officer in Charge Victor Thorogood said: “We urge every household to fit working smoke alarms o­n each floor of their homes and check the batteries regularly. This may save your life or prevent serious injury in the unfortunate event of a fire in your home.â€?

<FONT color=black>The cause of the blaze, which destroyed the kitchen and the hallway and caused smoke damage to the rest of the property, is now under investigation.

<FONT color=black>If you have any concerns about fire safety issues in your home, or require any further advice please call your local fire safety office or Kent Fire and Rescue Service’s Community Fire Safety Team o­n  01622 698360.

Council hung in Shepway

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<FONT color=black>Former leader of the Shepway Council  Liberal Democrats Linda Cufley has formed a breakaway group, a Liberal Democrat source disclosed to the Hawkinge Gazette today ( 1 August).

<FONT color=black>Cllr. Cufley resigned last week after pressure from party members.

The new group named the Independant Liberal Democrats has twelve members, including the Liberal Democrat Cabinet members serving when she was leader.

<FONT color=black>The split in the Liberal Democratic ranks means no party has overall control.

<FONT color=black>Their are now 17 Conservative,15 Liberal Democrats, 12 Independant Liberal Democrats, one Labour and one Independent sitting o­n Shepway Council.

£14m to be spent on council housing

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<FONT color=black>Dover District Council has announced major plans for a multi million pound investment in Council housing across the district - between now and 2010 it has plans to spend more than £ 14.4 million improving the homes of its 5,000 tenants.

<FONT color=black>By 2010 all tenants will have central heating and double glazed windows. As well as these improvements money will be spent to upgrade the wiring of many homes and replace defective or worn out roofs.

<FONT color=black>As part of the same package, an additional £ 1.35m will be spent in the next three years making adaptations to the homes of disabled or elderly tenants. This will mean providing ramps, walk in showers and stair lifts for people who have mobility problems.

<FONT color=black>In the current year the council will be spending around £ 4.9m o­n improvements to tenants' homes. This will include installing new central heating in parts of Deal, Dover, Aycliffe, Elvington, Kingsdown, Aylesham, Sheperdswell, St Margaret's, Walmer, Worth and Alkham. Window replacements will take place in parts of Aylesham, Deal, Eastry, Elvington, Eythorne, Preston and Woodnesborough. Since April, the Council has carried out adaptations to the homes of 194 tenants. The waiting time to have showers installed has halved during this time.

<FONT color=black>Councillor Mrs Sue Nicholas, Cabinet Member for Community said: "This is great news for tenants and will make a real difference to people's lives. During the next nine months we will be consulting our tenants about what they want for the future of their homes. We will then consider the various options available to ensure that we can meet their aspirations." 

Helicopter rushes divers to London hospital

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<FONT color=black>A woman and a teenage boy have been flown by the Kent Air Ambulance  to a decompression chamber at a London hospital after suffering the bends while diving in the English Channel.

<FONT color=black>The pair made their own way ashore at Dover o­n Sunday afternoon and called for help after suffering the effects of surfacing too quickly.

<FONT color=black>They were taken to the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford.

<FONT color=black>They were later flown o­n to Whipps Cross Hospital at Leytonstone in London.


The Hawkinge Gazette is pleased to let our readers know that the pair have since made a complete recovery and were discharged from hospital yesterday (2 August)

Half feel unsafe walking at night in Kent survey

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The majority of people in Kent feel the county is a safe place to live - as long as they are in their homes -according to a Kent Police survey.

<FONT color=black>The poll of Kent County Show visitors showed more than 80% felt safe at home, but 47% felt unsafe walking at night.

<FONT color=black>Youths hanging around o­n the streets, vandalism and graffiti were given as areas of concern by most residents.

Lift home for Bob

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The original Leas Lift step water carriage of 1890 is finally back home after spending the past 19 years at the Dover Transport Museum.

It was gently lifted over the booking hall by a giant crane and placed back o­nto the track this morning. (31 July)

Shepway District Council has agreed in principle to include the cost of its restoration in a heritage lottery bid as a reminder to future generations of Folkestone's Victorian transport.

Robert Mouland together with Shepway and Hawkinge Councillor Peter Smith have worked for many years to return the lift to Folkestone.

Robert, who lived in Dover as a lad often visited Folkestone said: "I always wanted to ride in the lift, even if my insistence would sometimes land me in trouble." 

His ambition of bringing the car home has now been realised.

"I will always see a job through," said Bob "This is a very good day for Folkestone."

In 1966 eleven people were hurt when a step water carriage crashed . It was reported at the time to have been due to "an error of judgement o­n the part of the brakeman"

Extra ordinary Parish Council meeting

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The Chairman has called an extra ordinary meeting of the Parish Council to be held o­n Thursday, 5th August 2004 at 10.30 a.m. in the Village Hall.

The purpose of the meeting is to up-date councillors regarding the sale of the strip of land at the Leisuredrome and other planning matters


1            Apologies

2            Declarations of Interest

Councillors should disclose personal or prejudicial interest/s in any item/s o­n this agenda.  Councillors with a personal interest must describe and give details of the interest.  Unless the personal interest amounts to a prejudicial interest, he/she may participate fully in the meeting.   A prejudicial interest is o­ne in which a member of the public, with knowledge of the relevant facts, would reasonably regard as so significant that it is likely to prejudice a Councillor’s judgement of the public interest.   Anyone with a prejudicial interest must, unless an exception applies or a dispensation has been issued, withdraw from the meeting room.

Whenever possible, and if in doubt, advice should be sought from the Clerk prior to the meeting.


3          Sale of strip of land at the Leisuredrome (min.982)

Chairman to report.


4          Planning Applications

KCC SH/04/TEMP/0030 Hawkinge Vehicle Services, Aerodrome Road

To continue to dismantle end of life vehicles with recovered parts storage:


Y04/0996/SH Bramdene, Stombers Lane: outline application for the erection of three detached dwellings together with garages.

Hawkinge Parish Council minutes 9 June 2004 meeting

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Minutes of the meeting of HAWKINGE PARISH COUNCIL held o­n Wed. 9th June 2004 at 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall


Present: Cllr. Callahan (Chairman)

              Cllrs. Heasman, Hodgson, Hogben, Newton, Punnett, Smith, Trice


In attendance: Mrs Hardy (Clerk)


Apologies: Cllr. Brisley, Cllr. Smith (attending meeting at SDC) for late arrival



There were three members of the public present.    Complaints were made about the lack of grass cutting in public areas in the village and the neglected state of the flower containers in the shopping area.    The Community Warden was not present.   The local press representative commented that crimes committed in the village are of interest to the public.

The Chairman said that the grass is cut 4 times a year (2 financed by KCC 2 by SDC).    Hawkinge Gardeners Society will be asked if their members would be prepared to take over the care and management of the flower containers.     The Chairman said he would contact Ian Reynolds, Community Warden, about a monthly report.




The Chairman opened the meeting and told councillors that Cllr. Joan Brisley had been admitted to hospital after a fall outside her house.    The Clerk was asked to arrange for flowers to be sent to Cllr. Brisley with their best wishes for her speedy recovery.


956      Minutes

The minutes of the Annual Meeting held o­n 12th May 2004 were confirmed and signed subject to:

Min. 950(b) second sentence: full stop after “vandalised� - delete final words.

(prop. Cllr. Newton sec. Cllr Trice)


957            Declarations of Interest

Cllr. Callahan declared an interest in planning matters (member of Development Control Committee SDC) he reserved the right to make a decision at District level when he is in possession of all the facts relating to an application.

Cllr. Heasman declared an interest in the Community Centre (Trustee).   Cllrs. Trice and Hodgson declared a personal interest in the Cricket Club (members).


958      Matters arising out of the Minutes

            Disused Toilet block and footpath [mins. 949(d) & 942]

The Chairman had received a letter from Cllr. Smith advising him that SDC is calling all stake holders with an interest in the area behind the shops to a meeting to discuss the future of that ground and the access to and from that area from the A260.    Cllr. Heasman said the Trustees of the Community Centre would be holding a meeting shortly with the developer of the land to discuss car-parking issues.

Cllr. Callahan spoke about the urgent need for the footpath to be cleared before the Post Office opens in the first week of July in the Community Centre.

Further discussion was deferred to the confidential section.

959      Reports – Working Groups

       (a) Planning and Development

Cllr. Trice said the Group had met a representative of East Kent Developments at the Leisuredrome to discuss the Council’s offer to sell a strip of land (see confidential section).    He reported that Tesco Express are closing o­n 4th July for refurbishment and opening again o­n 2nd August.


       (b) Sports and Ground Maintenance/Football Project

Cllr. Hodgson reported that the grass had been sprayed and cut and the work o­n the new entrance from Incinerator Road started.   The Cricket Club will be closing its changing rooms while an extension to the pavilion is built.   

Cllr. Trice said the Council must provide changing rooms for the next season so that people can continue to play football in Hawkinge.   He thought that a temporary portakabin 40ft x 10ft could be purchased secondhand.   This would provide 2 changing rooms and a centre foyer.    He and Cllr. Hodgson will look at what is available and the cost.    The PC can apply for temporary planning for the building in September.   Security will be a consideration.  

Jesters Football Team has now formed the Hawkinge Football Club with 4 founder members 2 from the Jesters Team and 2 Parish Councillors (Cllrs. Trice and Hodgson).   The first general meeting will be held in August.   

The Chairman thanked Cllrs. Trice and Hodgson for the hard work they are putting into the project.


       (c) Public Rights of Way

Cllr. Callahan reported that footpath HE199 (part) has been diverted (KCC Public Path Diversion Order 2004).   The original route had been built o­n.


960      Other Bodies

Hawkinge Community Centre

Cllr. Hodgson reported that the first Annual Meeting was held o­n 3rd June.  o­nly two members of the public attended.     Mr Trevor Johns had given a presentation o­n the first year of operation and his business plan now and for the future.

Cllr. Callahan said he attended the meeting and was very impressed by the presentation.    The predicted shortfall in the finances for the first year was very small for such a large project.    He congratulated the Trustees o­n the way they run the community centre.


      (b) Hawkinge Village Hall

Cllr. Heasman said KCC has organised a survey in the village to ascertain the kind of library service the public would like to see in Hawkinge.   At present    books are available twice weekly in the village hall.    The large notice board facing Canterbury Road will be reduced in size and can be used as a village notice board.    


      (c) Hawkinge Neighbourhood Management Partnership – Board Meeting

Cllr. Callahan said the Board are looking for a place where they can have a permanent base for the NMP manager and his/her staff and possibly the community warden and community policeman as well.   

961      Hawkinge Youth & Community Sports Council

The Clerk reported that the Lease had been prepared by the Council’s solicitor and sent to the solicitor acting for HY&CSC.   

Mr Lawrence, Chairman of the Trustees, had advised her verbally that before signing the Lease they wanted an assurance that the PC would give permission for the stage to be removed so that a standard size basketball court can be constructed in the hall.   Cllr. Newton stated that the Army Cadets have a storage/office area o­n the stage and in her opinion the wooden structure is rotten.

It was Resolved that Building Regulations Department, SDC, be consulted and more information about the state of the stage be sought.     

(prop. Cllr. Trice, sec. Cllr Hodgson) Votes: all in favour


962      Correspondence

       (a) Planning & Building Control, SDC: changes to the operation of Development

Control services (18th May).   Notice of a number of temporary cost saving measures that will reduce the level of service provided.    Noted.  

       (b) Peter Wilkinson, Post Office Ltd. (4th June).   Notice that the Post Office,

Hawkinge Branch, 107 Canterbury Road (Tesco) is closing o­n 4th July and moving to the Hawkinge Community Centre.     The same range of services will continue to be available and details of opening times were given.     Noted.      

       (c) East Kent NHS: The Mental Health Review and Redesign of Inpatient Services in

             East Kent: o­ne copy of consultation document.   Received.

       (d) Kent & Medway Structure Plan o­ne copy.    Received.


963      Finance

      (a) The Clerk reported that the Annual Return for the year ended 31st March 2004 had

            been completed and sent to the External Auditor.    Members received the final

            report for the year written by the Internal Auditor.     The asset and investments

            register had been updated and a risk assessment carried out.

       (b) Payment of the following accounts was approved (prop. Cllr. Hodgson, sec. Cllr.







Mrs Hardy (salary)



Mrs Hardy (expenses)



Southern Water



KCC (KCS) photocopier



H.Preston (internal audit)



SDC (SL rates)




NatWest EBS




Harmer Landscapes






964      Plans

       (a) Y04/0215/SH Land adjacent to Haven Drive – erection of retail foodstore

Cllr. Callahan said the application made by Marmaduke Estates o­n behalf of Lidl had been turned down by officers with delegated powers.    He thought that in view of the fact that the PC had supported the application, it should have been told that the plan would not be referred to Development Control Committee.

It was agreed that the Council should write and ask for an explanation.

       (b) Plans received and comments sent by the Planning Group:

Y04/0603/SH The Gables, Coombe Wood Lane: erection of a single storey side extension.   No objections.

Y04/0633/SH 102 The Street: erection of a two-storey side extension, replacement of rear extension and erection of front porch.   No objections

Y04/0641/SH 6 Canterbury Road: erection of a conservatory to the side.

No objections.

Y04/0711/SH Avon Lea, Mill Lane:  extension to existing front and rear dormer windows.   No objections

       (b) Plans discussed at the meeting:

KCC No. SH/04/TEMP/0027 Hope Farm, Crete Road East: revised composting facility at Hope Farm and provision of new access road.   The revised plan was received and content noted.    No comment.

Y04/0706/SH 107 Canterbury Road:  installation of a new shop front, erection of a refrigeration plant to the rear elevation following removal of existing plant together with change of use of first floor from residential to ancillary accommodation and installation of an ATM to front elevation of shop.

No objections.  

Y04/0707/SH 107 Canterbury Road: display of an internally illuminated fascia sign including through down-lights fascia sign with through down-lighter to north east elevation together with two illuminated projecting box signs and wall mounted panel signs to side elevation.  

No objections.    Comment: the applicant should be advised o­n the vulnerability of installing an ATM cash machine o­n the corner of the shop front.

965      Earlier start time for meetings/public display of minutes

The Chairman asked councillors to consider starting the meeting at 7 pm because meetings tend to finish late in the evening.    Several councillors were opposed to the change.    Cllr. Hodgson asked for more discipline at meetings that would keep them short and to the point.   

The Council approved a suggestion that copies of the Council’s minutes be displayed in a special folder in the library for public inspection.

Mr Terry Scott had verbally offered to display the minutes and agendas o­n his own web site.

It was Resolved that the Parish Council send copies of minutes and agendas to Mr Terry Scott for display o­n the web site (  (prop. Cllr. Punnett, sec. Cllr. Trice) Votes: all in favour   


966      National o­ne-Mile Run – 10th July

Cllr. Trice had organised a local event for the National o­ne Mile Run to support Sport Aid a charity set up by Bob Geldorf to fight famine in Africa.     The run will start and finish o­n the cricket ground; he asked permission for entrants to park their cars o­n the football ground (500 places max.).   Volunteers will marshal the parking arrangements.     Toilets will have to be provided and it was suggested that, instead of giving a donation to the charity, the Council underwrite the cost of providing two Portaloos o­n the day.   

It was Resolved that permission be granted for parking o­n the football ground and the Parish Council underwrite the cost of providing two Portaloos o­n the day (maximum payment £250).     (prop. Cllr. Heasman, sec. Cllr. Newton) Votes:

6 in favour 0 against 1 abstention.     Cllr. Trice declared an interest.



           It was resolved that because publicity would be prejudicial to the public interest by

Reason of the confidential nature of business to be transacted the public (including the Press) be excluded from the meeting pursuant to the provision of sub section 100 & 102 of the Local Government Act, 1972.


968      Land at the Leisuredrome (min.955)

The Council received a letter from the developer dated 3rd June 2004.

It was Resolved that the offer made by East Kent Developments Ltd. of £25,000 for a strip of land be accepted with the proviso that no further building be erected o­n the strip of land other than what is shown o­n the present planning application.    Permission is granted for services to be run over the driveway up to the site.

(prop. Cllr. Trice, sec. Cllr. Hogben) Votes: 6 in favour 0 against 1 abstention (District councillor).


At this point Cllrs. Hodgson and Newton left the meeting


969            Disposal of Asbestos (min. 949(a))

Deferred to the next meeting as o­nly o­ne reply from an asbestos removal company had been received to date.  


970      Spitfire Leisuredrome

The Council received a revised estimate for plumbing work in the hall.    In view of the continuing expenditure at the Leisuredrome due to the fact that the Lease has not been signed, the Council reviewed its finances.

It was agreed that the Council keep to its original commitment to meet the plumbing requirements for the kitchen and toilets (excluding the disabled toilet) and pay Russell & Wheeler for outstanding electrical work following the inspection and minor electrical works in the kitchen.    Clerk to advise HY&CSC accordingly.


971      Disused Toilet block and footpath

Transfer of land to Community Centre Trust (letter from Kingsfords dated 14th April).    Deferred to a later meeting.

At this point Cllr. Smith joined the meeting

In view of the urgent need for the footpath to be cleared before the Post Office opens in the first week of July in the Community Centre (min. 958 refers) it was agreed that a group of councillors would clear the footpath of all shrubbery.

The meeting closed at 10.35 pm

Maize maze opens

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An amazing maize maze  spanning six acres outside Dymchurch is now open to visitors.

<FONT color=black>It has three miles of twists and turns and will take people about two hours to find their way out, but they can be rescued if lost.

<FONT color=black>The maize was grown in May and will last until September when it will be harvested and fed to the farm's cows.

<FONT color=black>The maze is shaped like a space ship and visitors will be given a puzzle book to help them find their way around and a flag to wave if they need to be rescued.