Subway graffiti to show off artistic talent....10 April 2003

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The Shepway Volunteer Centre Youth Challenge Project aims to harness the enthusiasm and artistic talents of local people to help transform the subway.......more

Roll up for all the fun of the fair....10 April 2003

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Those who have fond memories of travelling funfairs will enjoy a new film and sound production taking place in the heart of Folkestone’s Creative Quarter from 14th to 16th April - and admission is free.......more

Independent living a reality as Jubilee House is opened....9 April 2003

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A project to help people with disabilities be more independent while receiving the support they need became a reality on Friday (4 April) when the seven new tenants collected the keys to their own homes.......more

BT's replies to Broadband for Hawkinge....8 April 2003

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Thanks Rope for these replies from BT

(This is from my first mail, having a moan about trigger level)

The trigger level for Hawkinge reflects the actual costs of upgrading an exchange, in the sense that it is set at 50% of the amount of subscribers we need to return our investments on that exchange within a reasonable time.

Before we set a trigger level, we check it against a number of factors, like the number of connections to the exchange and average internet use, to see whether it is realistic. If we find this not to be the case, we do not publish the trigger level and mark the exchange as commercially unviable. We believe that all the targets we have set, stand a good chance of being achieved.

Our targets range between 200 and 750. For Hawkinge, we have set a target of 350 and it has already achieved over 200 pre-registrations. Although geographical location is not a factor in setting the trigger level, this is comparable with other exchanges in Kent, like New Romney and Hoo. Most exchanges have trigger levels between 300 and 400.

BT Wholesale is committed to increasing the availability of broadband throughout the UK and we try to set as many targets as possible,



(This is in reply to my e-mail to them concerning the use of interlinked exchanges to reduce the cost of the DAX (ADSL/Voice system cards)

The trigger levels are based on the costs of upgrading the exchange. The growth in population will probably make it easier to reach the target, but will not reduce it. I would like to add that the technical solutions which allowed us to reduce the trigger levels earlier, have since been used in all the exchanges where they could be applied. Where alternative backhaul solutions were not possible, the trigger levels have stayed the same.

As to the new backhaul solutions from the link you included: we will use them to set new trigger levels, but we will also review all the current trigger levels and where possible, reduce them. At the moment I cannot say yet whether this will influence Hawkinge's threshold.



(This is in reply to my mail stating that I think they set high trigger levels to use BT's latest toy "ADSL exchange active". It lets a business buy a group of 30 ports from BT for £45000 they then charge £41 per month to the 30 users. BT however do not have to cough up the cash for the upgrade of the exchange software to support the DAX.)

Exchange Activate is aimed at very small exchanges and, for Hawkinge with over 200 pre-registrations, not the ideal solution.Where possible will always prefer to upgrade an exchange completely, as the mini-DSLAMs have their own limitations, such as price, limited amount of users, only one service provider etc. We expect it will be ordered on exchanges which do not have a trigger level at the moment and are unlikely to receive one.

I would like to stress again that we want to bring broadband to as many areas as possible and that the trigger levels are accurate reflections of the costs involved. We are constantly looking into ways to make sure the targets are met sooner rather than later: we are trying to reduce them where possible and we are working with campaign groups to stimulate demand locally. Through the pre-registration scheme we have already upgraded 44 sites and another 248 have met their trigger levels and will be upgraded in the next few months.



Many thanks,



Information panel

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Hawkinge Web Links

You'll find most of the information here including the EMERGENCY SERVICES & HEALTH MATTERS  please keep us informed of any updates


 Uncategorised contacts

Useful contacts in the Shepway area - please let us know of any changes


Counting the days to nursery opening...8 April 2003

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Parents with young children are counting the days until the opening this summer of the new 88-place purpose built nursery in Hawkinge.

Owned and operated by Kid Ease, the new nursery is currently under construction within the Churchill Primary School site.

The nursery, which is independent of the school, is supported by Kent Early Years under the Government’s Neighbourhood Nurseries Initiative (NNI).

Managing Director, Ian Atkey, said: “Our aim is to provide the residents of Hawkinge and Paddlesworth with high quality, affordable childcare.

“We will help parents access a range of Government initiatives to help with their childcare costs.

“Kid Ease has adopted a modern approach to childcare and we like to work in partnership with local employers, developing childcare strategies for their staff to ensure that parent's childcare needs are met."


Folkestone racecourse company unveil big losses... 7 April 2003

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Folkestone racecourse owners Arena Leisure have revealed losses of £6.9 million after suffering a hit from its stake in a new joint venture attheraces.

Arena who gained media rights to UK horse racing with BSkyB and Channel 4 in 2001 are not expecting the venture to break even until the end of 2005.

The company said its share of losses from the attheraces business in the year to December 31 had been in line with predictions at £11.1 million.

Arena's racecourses features the all-weather tracks of Lingfield Park, Wolverhampton and Southwell and the Royal Windsor, Worcester and Folkestone.


Business news

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£1000 mobile text scam warning....4 April 2003

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Mobile phone users are being warned by Kent County Council Trading Standards officers about a new text messaging scam.

Mobile phone users are receiving text messages that read: 'CONGRATULATIONS! The New Year's Prize Draw notified us that you have won a £1000 Prize! This is the second attempt to contact you. To claim call 090 6344 ****'

If consumers phone the number - a premium rate line that charges £1.50 per minute - the message they hear is so long that it costs the phone user a lot of money!

It is understood that the prize is not £1000 cash, but a £1000 voucher off the cost of a holiday.

The premium rate line watchdog ICSTIS has received a number of complaints nationally and is investigating.

KCC's Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning, Grahame Weston, said: "If an offer this good comes along out of the blue it is almost certainly too good to be true. Any number commencing '090' is a premium rate line. If you do not know who sent the message, the best advice is to delete it."

Anyone wanting advice on their rights can contact Trading Standards on: 08457 858497 or log onto their website at


High hopes for Paul with drugs documentary....4 April 2003

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<img border="0"src="images/pccoledrugs.jpg" align="right">

South East Kent Drugs Liaison Officer PC Simon Cole is to star in a radio documentary about drugs.

However, the documentary will not be broadcast on any of the recognised radio airwaves.

The documentary has been produced by Paul Thompson, a student at South Kent College in Dover and is being submitted as part of his coursework for a BTEC qualification in Media Production.

Paul, who is 26 and lives in Whitfield, is also submitting his work in a national amateur radio documentary-making competition run by BBC Radio 4.

Paul asked South East Kent police for help with the radio production project and PC Simon Cole was happy to help out.

PC Cole (pictured above with Paul Thompson on the left) was invited to the Dover Media Centre at the college campus in Pencester Road, Dover, where he was asked about the extent of the drug problem in Dover's club scene.

PC Cole said: "I was keen to get the point across that Dover does not have a serious drug problem compared to similar towns, and also that clubbers should take care of themselves by avoiding illegal substances."

He added: "I was impressed with the professionalism shown by Paul in the production of his documentary. I wish him all the best with his studies and future career."

Paul has just won a place on a degree in Film & Video Production at Surrey Institute of Art & Design, which he starts in the autumn.

He said: "The police have been very supportive and helped enormously with this project. I would like to thank PC Cole for all his help."