Congratulations from Barham....27 September 2002

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Congratulations on an excellent and informative site.

Kind Regards


Peter Skingle
Barham and Kingston

Mr Smith, I challenge you to explain your position !....27 September 2002

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Until recently I was quite happy that Mr Smith would represent the views of the local populace, after all, isn't that why he was voted in as a local councilor in the first place ?

This latest debacle surely weakens his position and I would love to know how he justifies his stance on the bypass/crossing issue - half a road is a poor substitute for a "bypass"and this road is going to become even more vital in the future.

Mr Smith makes a strong case for losing his own position on the Parish Council/District Council if he cannot be honest and let us know where he really stands.

Could this be just another example of politics and political ambition getting in the way of our local needs - Mr Smith, I challenge you to explain your position !

Nigel Best

Come on Peter, what's going on?....26 September 2002

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Dear Editor

Am I missing something here?

I thought the inquiry into the so called by pass was over and we are just waiting for the adjudication by the Government Inspector
Why then are Peter Smith and the Lib Dems to ballot the villagers?
A bit late I'd say.
I am not the only one to wonder what is on Cllr Smith's agenda.
Come on Peter tell us what you're up to
James M

Folkestone is "a great place" says Love....26 September 2002

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A full-colour guide that provides a shop window on regeneration and revitalisation projects in Folkestone was launched this week by Shepway District Council.

Folkestone Development Guide highlights seven initiatives that play a key role in the town’s regeneration. It also sets out the success of funding bids and looks at future projects.

The guide is targeted at potential investors but is also aimed at local residents and existing businesses to demonstrate the Council’s confidence in the area’s future.

Council Leader, Rory Love, said the full-colour, 17-page, high-quality publication, re-affirmed Folkestone’s credentials as a great place in which to live, work and invest and reflected Shepway District Council’s commitment to the town’s regeneration.

“We are already seeing the results of successful investment in projects like the town centre improvement scheme, phase one of our Coastal Park and the redevelopment of the Leas Cliff Hall, which is creating Kent’s largest entertainment and conference venue.

“Our continuing success at attracting funding and our commitment to working with partners to achieve our plans is now starting to transform Folkestone.

“The new Folkestone Development Guide will play a crucial role in ensuring the town’s benefits are promoted and recognised among future investors.�

Andy Jarrett, the Council’s Head of Economic Development Services shared the Leader’s enthusiasm. “Folkestone is finally receiving the attention from investors is has long deserved. The town offers unique development sites and an unrivalled location at the hub of an international transport network and for these reasons, it is attracting both national and international attention.

“The guide has a key part to play in making sure the momentum of both public and private investment continues to enable the town to fulfil its potential.�


Forces Sweetheart supports Hangar Roof Appeal....26 September 2002

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Dame Vera Lynn has written to the Battle of Britain Museum in Hawkinge pledging her support for the Hangar Appeal.

The appeal has raised over £1000 in its first month


It Asda be Folkestone....25 September 2002

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Supermarket giant Asda is believed to have turned its attention from Folkestone town centre to the seafront in its search for a suitable site on which to build a new outlet, according to a local businessman.

If the deal goes ahead it would spell the end of the dream for many Hawkinge residents that Asda would build its next superstore in the village.

Asda Property Communications Manager, Simon Leonard, would not be drawn on whether or not it was in the process of buying the package of land along the seafront.

He said: "I am not in a position to comment on a specific site at this point in time. It's no secret that we are very interested in the area, but we don't like to comment on speculation."

Shepway Council's head of economic development, Andy Jarrett, has warned the supermarket chain that planning permission will be refused if there is any danger of the new store threatening trade at the multi-million pound shopping development planned for the town centre.

He said this week: " I can neither confirm nor deny that negotiations are underway regarding this particular piece of land.

"However, I can say that the council would like to see this area developed."


Ramblers urge Government for safe crossing....25 September 2002

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Story by Peter Skingle

Large numbers of hikers, cyclists and equestrians gathered to support the campaign for a safe crossing of the A2 at Barham and Kingston.

The rally which took place in Barham on Saturday (21/9/02) was organised by the Canterbury Group of the Ramblers Association.

There was widespread support with representatives from many organisations and other Kent Ramblers Groups.

Ken Wright, Chairman of the Rambler's Association Kent Footpaths committee and Martin Vye, Canterbury City and County Councillor for the area addressed the rally before the protestors set off on a short walk highlighting the dangers of crossing the A2.

There are about fourteen bridleways or footpaths which straddle the busy A2 between Canterbury and Dover and it is hoped that the Highways Agency, who are responsible for the road, will make some provision for ramblers and horse riders who want to cross the carriageway.

The Ramblers Association has long campaigned for a safe crossing at Barham and Kingston and intends to continue the campaign by lobbying both MPs and the Highways Agency.


Future looks brighter for Dungeness workers....24 September 2002

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British Energy, who operate the Dungeness Power Staion, is hoping to avoid administration by extending a deadline for repaying £410 million emergency loan made by Government.

It is thought the power company is about to agree a three-month extension to the loan . This should be enough breathing space to negotiate cost-saving deals which could ensure its long-term viability.

British Energy executives will meet Patricia Hewitt, the Trade and Industry Secretary, this week.

An announcement must be made by Friday, when the loan deal expires.

Robin Jeffrey, the chief executive, is hoping to reduce the £300 million annual costs of reprocessing fuel through BNFL, the government-owned nuclear fuels company.

In return for a processing contract BNFL could be given an equity stake in British Energy.


Kent news

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Lost touch.....May Allan married to Jim ....19/9/02

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Looking for "May Allan married to Jim ....19/9/02"
I am looking for a Thai lady with the name of May Allan who married Jim ( working with taxi company )and living in Folkestone area.
thank you

Atlanta USA