Experts called in to clear contamination ...................22 January 2002

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Hazard signs have been put up as experts in waste removal have started work on the DeHavilland estate on the former RAF airfield.

Wearing protective clothing the waste experts have been called in to clear the asbestos found on the land.

Hawkinge and Shepway councillor Peter Smith has been campaigning to clear the area since the problem emerged last year.

The buildings on the former airfield were partly made with asbestos. Cllr Smith has told the Gazette that deadly material is found in pockets.

These have been spread by ploughing and earth moving making it possible for the asbestos to be spread over a large area McLean Homes have said that the removal of contaminated material and the replacing with topsoil could take the work into March.



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Churches and places of worship...



 St Luke's Church of England


Canterbury Road, Hawkinge

Vicar: Rev Robert Grinsell, 78 Canterbury Road, Hawkinge. Tel: 01303 893215
Focal Minister: Rev John Coleman, Tel: 01303 893952
Churchwarden: Mr Ross McLeod

Services & Events
1st Sun. of mth: 9.30am Morning Service
2nd Sun. of mth: 9.30am Holy Communion 5.00pm Holy Communion
3rd Sun. of mth: 9.30am Morning Service
4th Sun. of mth: 9.30am Holy Communion 5.00pm Evening Prayer
Thursdays: 10.00am Holy Communion
3rd Wednesday of month: Mothers Union 2.00pm



St Oswold's Paddlesworth



Every second Sunday in the month 11am Holy Communion

Every fourth Sunday in the month, 6.30pm Evensong

Tel: 01303 892205  



St Martin's Acrise


Vicar: Rev Robert Grinsell, 78 Canterbury Road, Hawkinge. Tel: 01303 893215
Churchwardens: Mr Brian Holmes and Mrs Val Pinder

1st Sun. of mth: 8.45am Holy Communion
2nd Sun. of mth: 8.45am Morning Service
3rd Sun. of mth: 8.45am Holy Communion
4th Sun. of mth: 8.45am Morning Service



Hawkinge Baptist Church 




Hawkinge Community Centre


Sunday Morning Worship at 10:30 - 11:30.
Deacons: Mrs Ann Usher 01303 891450 and Mrs Gillian Philcox 01303 892480.



The Lighthouse Church 


78 Canterbury Road,
Kent, CT18 7BP

Meets every Sunday morning 11.00am
The Hawkinge Community Centre,
Heron Forstall Avenue,
Hawkinge, CT18 7FP 
Phone: 01303 893215


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Royal Victoria Hospital


Radnor Park Avenue  Folkestone


01303 850202



William Harvey Hospital


Kennington Road, Willesborough, Ashford TN24 0LZ


Casualty 01233 633331


NHS Emergency and Dental Service



Kent and Canterbury Hospital


01227 781818


Weekdays 7-10.30pm


Sat/Sun/Bank Holidays 9.30.11am



Buckland Hospital 


Coombe Valley Road, 



CT17 0HD



Phone: 01304 201624 
Fax: 01304 208189



Surgeries & Health Centres



The Hawkinge & Elham Valley Practice


Drs. Allan Beaton , Robert Stewart & Penny Sholl



Hawkinge Health Centre


Drs. Allan Beaton , Robert Stewart & Penny Sholl


74 Canterbury Road, Hawkinge  



Surgery times


Mon 8.30-10am, 5.30-6.30pm (appointments)


Tues 8.30-9.30am, 2-6pm (appointments)


Weds 8.30-9.30am, 4-4.30pm (appointments), 4.30-6pm


Thurs 8.30-9.30am


Fri 8.30-10am, 4.30-6pm (appointments),


Enquiries & Emergencies: 01303 892434



The Surgery, Elham


Drs. Allan Beaton , Robert Stewart & Penny Sholl


Old Road Elham



Surgery times


Mon 8.30-10am


Tues 5.30-6.30pm (appointments), 6.30-7pm


Weds 8.30-9.30am


Thurs 4-4.30pm (appointments), 4.30-5pm


Fri 8.30-9.30am, 4-4.30pm (appointments), 4.30-5pm


Sat 9-9.45am (emergencies only) 


Enquiries & Emergencies: 01303 840213



Hawkinge Surgery


Dr Zaw Thike and Dr Julie Marshall


99 Canterbury Road Hawkinge CT18 7B8


Tel : 01303 893381 



Surgery times


Monday ...........Appointments.....4.00-6.00pm


Wednesday ..........Appointments..... 4.00-6.00pm


Thursday 8.30-10.00am............. Appointments........ 10.30-11.00am


Friday 8.00-10.00am



Lyminge Surgery


Dr Zaw Thike and Dr Julie Marshall


Church Road Lyminge


Tel : 01303 862109



Surgery times


Monday 8.00-10.00am


Tuesday 8.00-10.30am.....appointments .....4.00-6.00pm


Wednesday 8.00-10.00am  


Thursday 8.00-10.00


Friday 3.00-5.00pm ........appointments......4.00-6.00pm


Saturday 8.00-10.00



The Barham Surgery


Fox Way Barham



Surgery times


Mon 3.30-4.30pm (appointments), 4.30-5pm


Tues 8.30-9.30am


Thurs 8.30-9.30am


Fri 11.30-12 noon 


Enquiries & Emergencies: 01227 831585   


01303 862109


Fax 01303 863643

Back me call from PC Chairman......21 February 2002

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The Chairman of Hawkinge Parish Council has called an Extraordinary Meeting to gain a vote of confidence following the call for his resignation at the monthly meeting earlier this month.

District and Parish councillor Peter Smith called for the Chairman's resignation when he accused Mr Heasman of disregarding residents concerns about fuel contamination on the airfield and failing to uphold his position on the council.

Mr Heasman told the Hawkinge Gazette: "I am confident I have the backing of the Parish council". The meeting is open to the public and will start at 10.00am in the village hall.


Hawkinge Community Centre may not go ahead...............14 February 2002

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There are grave doubts whether the new Community Centre will ever be built.

Parish Council Chairman John Heasman has said that if it is not started by the middle of March 2002 rising costs may make it too expensive to build.

Already the plans have been amended and the first floor of the building will not be included in the initial build. It will however be possible to incorporate the first floor at a later stage.

The delays to the building have been going on since last year. It was due to be completed by December 2001 and even it were started in March, the completed Community Centre would not be ready until the end of the year at the earliest.

Meanwhile Etchinghill villagers are to get a new village hall after The National Lottery Community Fund has approved a donation of £142,000 towards the cost.


By pass plans called in by Government ..............13 February 2002

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The Hawkinge by pass may never be built even though much of the infrastructure associated with the road is in place.

The original plans for a road between the M20 and M2(A2) identified in the 1990 local plan and the Hawkinge development brief were outside the settlement boundary.

The Secretary of State has now called for a Public Inquiry. Hawkinge has increased its size fivefold in the period since the by pass was included in the 1990 local plan.

Parish Council Chairman John Heasman said: "This is a devastating blow. I don't think the people know how much traffic flow will escalate in the area. "I would like to see the Village returned to it's former glory before the motor car. "The Parish Council will be speaking at the Public Inquiry to put it's views forward to support the by pass." It is viewed as essential to the Hawkinge community and Shepway in general, not only to alleviate traffic congestion, but to provide social infrastructure and economic development opportunities.

Leader of Shepway Council, Cllr Rory Love, said of the decision: "It is disappointing that the Government has again chosen to delay this important project, but we see this inquiry as an opportunity to speak up for the local residents and to put the case for an end to the traffic menace in the village centre."


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